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Quote1.png Sir, I am your butler. I am your aide. I am your medic. I am not, however, your slave. Quote2.png
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Alfred Pennyworth was the Wayne family's butler who was also a surrogate father to the Wayne child Bruce.

Alfred was also devastated by the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, but knew that Bruce the child had died that night and what he considered a "demon" had replaced him.

Years later, Bruce, now Batman, brings back a similarly orphaned boy named Dick Grayson, a child trapeze. Unlike his master, Alfred gave Dick fresh clothes and food, much to Bruce's anger. Alfred began to fear that Bruce might be becoming more and more unstable and fears for Dick's safety.

After the death of Jason Todd, Alfred continues to be the Wayne family butler, still serving a middle aged Bruce Wayne. Alfred remained sarcastic towards his master's activities as Batman and it was obvious that he showed dislike towards this lifestyle. He continued to be Bruce's surgeon, repairing his injuries after every mission.

When Superman began his approach to arrest Batman, Alfred was tasked with destroying the Batcave and Wayne Manor. Alfred activated a self-destruct for the cave and emptied Bruce's bank accounts, leaving nothing of Bruce Wayne left. As he watches the manor burn, Alfred suffers a stroke and falls dead.


  • Medicine: Alfred is a surgeon, which tasked him with fixing up Batman whenever he is injured.

In his early years, Alfred showed considerable muscle for a man his age and implied that he had fighting skills.



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