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Alfred Pennyworth (1889-1967) served as the family butler to the Waynes, who watched over young Bruce Wayne after his parents Thomas and Martha were murdered.

As Bruce grew into a young man, Alfred helped him with his quest to become a hero so that his parents' death would be avenged, starting with Bruce's original identity as Robin in 1929 and then as Batman in the following years from 1939. He continued to watch over the Wayne household as Bruce adopted Dick Grayson as his legal ward, who became the second hero to adopt the identity of Robin, then as Bruce married and had a son named Bruce Wayne Jr. who would take on the role of Robin before becoming Batman in 1969. Alfred eventually died from old age in 1967 and was buried on the Wayne Estate, but continued to provide counsel to the elderly Bruce Wayne as a ghost until 1975. At that time, he was called to stop Dick Grayson from tormenting the now-elderly Joker after he was killed by him in 1969. He helped Dick to see that he wasn't trained as a killer and to let the Joker meet his eventual end in death. From that point on, Alfred rested in peace and no longer appeared unto Bruce Wayne.