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Alfred Pennyworth was the faithful butler and ally of Batman.

Alfred Pennyworth was the butler and caretaker of Bruce Wayne. He assisted him in his quest against crime when he became Batman.

After Batman killed the Joker, the hero became infected with a reserve of Joker toxin that exited the clown's body upon his death. Batman became a Jokerized version of himself and continued to kill his villains until there were none left. Having seen how corrupted Bruce had become, Alfred betrayed him and rigged the Batcave and his vehicles to kill Bruce. However, when Alfred had the opportunity to finally kill him, Bruce convinced him there was still good inside of him, using the facade to drop Alfred's guard long enough to defeat him.

Batman trapped Alfred in an inescapable section of the Batcave and fed him nothing but scraps for over a year, eventually driving the man insane until he became his loyal servant yet again.[1][2]


Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Alfred was physically and mentally tortured by Batman for over a year to break his spirit into working as his manservant again.



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