Alfred Pennyworth was the loyal butler of Batman as well as an ally in his vigilante career.

Alfred was a trusted and loyal butler of Bruce Wayne. As such he was aware that he was the vigilante "Batman" and assisted him. He would often tell him to settle down with a woman and leave his war of vengeance against criminals behind, an advice Bruce ignored. He also also consistently reminded him and coaxed him into attending his social engagements. After the murder of Sister Leslie, who had taken care of him after his parents' death, he told him to not become fixated with it, but soon was forced to backtrack.

During Leslie's funeral, Alfred caught the orphan Jason trying to pickpocket him, but let him go after learning from the other Outsiders why they stole from others. Handing them a card so they can contact him when he wanted a work done, he told them to leave for the time-being. When Bruce was later imprisoned at Blackgate Penitentiary for the murders of Jack the Ripper, he had a message sent to him requesting delivery of the Batcycle. Alfred did as he asked and had the Outsiders deliver it inside a crate to an alley.

After Bruce's fight with the Jack the Ripper in which the latter was killed, Alfred came to the Gotham World Fair in a horse carriage to save Bruce and Selina Kyle before the fair exploded. He also decided to take in the Outsiders, handing their custody to Bruce.




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