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Alfred is Bruce Wayne's butler and the caretaker of Wayne Manor.

He stayed loyally alongside Bruce even when his secret identity of Batman was publicly exposed, stating that he had known this would have happened anyway and trusted that Bruce has prepared for it as well to protect his company and the various trust funds and charities.

When Superman invades the Batcave and breaks Batman's back, Alfred ingests the 5-U-93-R pill and subdues Superman, breaking his nose. Alfred takes Bruce to the Tower of Fate, where Zatanna and Doctor Fate are hiding and will heal Bruce. For over seven months, Alfred overseen Bruce's slow recovery. When the Insurgency began their attack on Superman's Regime, Alfred provided a Kryptonite tipped bullet to Black Canary for her to face Superman.

Alfred was eventually murdered when Mr. Zsasz broke into the Batcave during the fifth year of Superman's regime, further dividing Bruce's connection with his son, newly christened as Nightwing.

One Year after the fall of Superman's Regime, a still devastated Damian resurrected Alfred using a Lazarus Pit, though the decomposition of his corpse resulted in Alfred resembling more a zombie than his former self.[1] After a great deal of time under Damian's care, Alfred gradually managed to regain his consciousness, and slowly regained his senses while Damian and Bruce were fighting in Ra's al Ghul's Amazon rainforest stronghold. During their fight, he got out of his chair and grabbed Bruce's fist, telling him "Calm down. You can stop fighting. It's all right, son." The pair then embraced, finally, for the first time in years.[2]


  • Though Alfred was originally killed by Zsasz during Year Five of Superman's Regime, Zsasz's death at the hands of Damian was retconned in Injustice 2 to have taken place during Year One instead, leaving the new cause of Alfred's death prior to the game unexplained.[3]
  • Alfred's birthday was August 16, 1943.[4]


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