Alfred Pennyworth was the loyal butler to the Wayne family. After the Waynes' tragic demise at the hands of an armed mugger, Alfred continued to raise young Bruce who later became the vigilante Batman.

Alfred Pennyworth considered himself to be a rebellious teenager, having run away from his home in London numerous times. He was never close to his father, who was a butler for the Wayne Family overseas. He joined the British army at 18. During his time under the army, he had a daughter. However, eventually, he got discharged and quit being an soldier. He then met Briar, who led an ancient Celtic organization absorbed by MI-5 known as Nemesis Program and was trained to be the new Dark Knight, a title originally held by Gaweyne de Weyne. Alfred soon discovers that Briar had in fact gone crazy after the death of his son and seemingly killed him. He returned to London, where he received the news of his father's death. He then took his fathers place at Wayne Manor, and helped raise a four year old Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile, Briar, who had survived, took a blood sample of Alfred and created a clone.

A few years later, Thomas and Martha Wayne were tragically shot in an alley by a mugger in front of young Bruce. Alfred rushed to the alley and took Bruce home. He would spend the next few years raising Bruce. Then, when he reached his late teens, Bruce disappeared in order to travel around the world, leaving Alfred in charge of Wayne Manor. He resumed his duties as a butler when Bruce reappeared years later and has served him since then.

Alfred's neck was snapped by Bane, who had taken over Gotham City, after Damian infiltrated inside and was caught as part of Batman's plan, who assumed that Alfred had gotten away but later found out that he had fooled him so he may choose a normal happy life over being Batman.[4]




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