Quote1.png It was Alfred who tracked me down. Gave me a hug and promised to be my ally when Bruce acted out. I always wondered what would have happened if Alfred hadn't come after me. Quote2.png
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Alfred Pennyworth was Batman's butler.

Alfred helped Bruce raise Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, two teenagers taken in by Batman.[1] Years later, Alfred has fallen ill due to an unnamed disease which forces him to stay in bed, to sleep and to be put under medical ventilator. Through Mister Freeze's technology, Batman is able to slow Alfred's deterioration, but cannot find a way to save him.[2]

One day, when Batman comes back to the Batcave, wounded after a building collapsed on top of him, he loses consciousness. Alfred, who has witnessed this, pushes himself up to attend to Batman's wounds. Once done, he uses his last strength to write a letter for Batman and dies on the chair he's been sitting.[1]




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