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Alia was one of the many de-powered cloned Kryptonian soldiers created from the Orb in the Luthor Mansion, saluting to serve under Zod, who had also been resurrected as a clone by the Orb.

Sometime later, Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan saw Alia on a video at the Ace of Clubs, and Clark asked Jor-El about her origins. Jor-El explained that Alia was a Kandorian and told Clark that maybe she did not come alone. Alia was with Basqat and Faora when Zod ordered them to capture Jor-El; they took Jor-El from Tess Mercer's cellar, where he was being held. About a year later, Alia confessed to dealing a fatal wound to Jor-El before releasing him, and offered a gun to Zod so that justice could be done; Zod then killed Alia. Later, at her funeral, Zod put her body on a pyre and branded a Kryptonian symbol on her forehead before lighting the pyre on fire.

  • Alia does not like needles.



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