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Alias the Blur is a member of the Brotherhood of Dada.

The entity called Alias the Blur was created when an actress from Germany, Ilse Kraus, fell in love with her own reflection in a mirror, and began such a torrid romance with it that she actually imbued her mirror image with a semblance of life. However, as the actress herself aged, so did her mirror image, and Kraus, who was mentally unbalanced to begin with, concluded (incorrectly) that her lover had left and been replaced with one far less good looking. In a fit of rage, the actress splashed acid onto her mirror self and disposed of it at the city dump; then, her anger giving way to self pity, she tried to commit suicide by shooting herself in the head. Although her body survived, all but the most rudimentary brain functions ceased, and she spent the rest of her days in a hospital, kept alive by machinery.

However, this continued survival of Kraus' body was enough to allow her mirror self to also continue surviving. This mirror image became known as Alias the Blur, and was recruited to the Brotherhood of Dada by Mr. Nobody. Alias the Blur had the ability to accelerate the aging of any who looked into its reflections.

When Mr. Nobody's new Brotherhood of Dada (including Alias the Blur) attempted to win the presidency and then force the real world to merge with the reality inside the Painting that Ate Paris, they were attacked by an insane government agent called Yankee Doodle Dandy. During this battle, Yankee Doodle was able to shatter the twisted reflection, causing a psychic backlash that caused Ilse Kraus to finally shuffle off the mortal coil as well, sealing Alias the Blur's fate.


  • Chronokinesis: Alias the Blur can rapidly speed up the aging process of whoever looks in its mirror.


  • Dependency: Alias the Blur can only live as long as its creator Ilse Kraus is alive. With her death, Alias dies too.



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