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Alice worked as an intern at the Daily Planet.

Alice always lived with her mother in Metropolis. She got into the Daily Planet thanks to a high school internship program. Eventually, her mother got ill and was hospitalized for three months, until she died. Even though she still worked full-time at the Daily Planet, her savings were almost wiped out due to her mother's medical bills, and she lost her apartment when the landlord decided to convert the place to condos and had her evicted.

Unable to find an affordable place to live in Metropolis neither out of out, the only place she had left was the Daily Planet's building. She moved to the storeroom and lived there for three years.

Perry White always admired her punctuality, noting that Allie was always the first one to arrive in the morning, and the last one to leave. What Perry didn't realize, was that Alice never actually left the building at nights. Perry and the rest of the staff eventually discovered that Alice was homeless and living out of one of the Planet's supply closets.

Moved by her story, and shocked by the fact that he never noticed it, Perry decided to invite her to live with him and his wife in their apartment.[1]



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