Alice was a secretary of Wayne Industries who worked not to far from Jervis Tetch, the man who secretly had fallen in love with her. Alice always seemed to brighten Tetch's day, even when his superior Marcia Cates came down on him. When Jervis heard Billy, her boyfriend broke up with her in a fight, Jervis took this as a chance to woe her. Using his new neural control cards, Jervis dressed himself up as the Mad Hatter and treated her to a night on the town. Among their exploits were him using the cards to force two would be muggers to go jump off a cliff, prompting Batman to rescue them.

However, Alice misunderstood Jervis's intentions and thought he was trying to cheer her up. His heart shattered the next day learning of this, and that not only had Billy made up with her, but also proposed to Alice. Deciding not to go without Alice any more, Jervis donned his Mad Hatter persona once again, and took control of Billy, making him break up with her. Upon arriving home, Alice was mortified to see Jervis had redecorated her home and proposed her love to her. This meeting was quickly broken up by Batman, who had guessed something was wrong, having visited Jervis's work place earlier as Bruce Wayne. Using two mind controlled minions dressed as the Walrus and Carpeter, Jervis kidnapped Alice and used his mind control equipment on her.

Batman had arrived at the abandoned Wonderland Theme park and saw Alice dressed as the titular character of Alice in Wonderland. However standing between him and her, was Jervis's legion of mind controlled civilians. Knowing Batman couldn't hurt them, Mad Hatter had them attack Batman, one of which Batman noticed was Billy. Using this, he ripped off the card and undid the control. Billy and Batman then worked to free Alice and the other victims. Upon her release and Tetch's defeat, Alice happily and instantly grabbed Billy, much to Jervis's sadness.



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