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Alice Williams (born Alice Roth) is the deeply religious older sister of Raven's mother, Angela Roth (Arella).

She married a fellow religious man named Jack Willams and had three children with him: Mary-Beth, Billy, and Jessica.

The White Carnival

Alice invited her niece, Raven (whom she believes to be just Rachel Roth), to visit and stay with her and her family in San Francisco. Raven accepted and Alice's family did their best to make Raven's stay as welcoming as it can be.

When a mysterious white orb began abducting the youth of the city Alice watched the TV as "Raven of the Teen Titans" tried to stop it. She also forbade her children to leave the house. But, Mary-Beth snuck out and gave Alice a panic attack when she saw her daughter on the TV being taken by the orb. Alice rushed to the site gave Raven her support and she and the rest of the adults in the area formed a chain to give Raven extra strength so that she could stop the orb once and for all.

Raven wiped her aunt's memory of the whole event and the knowledge that her niece is a superhero.

Daughter of Darkness

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