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Quote1.png I'm not a monster, but if you want to see one, wait until my brother comes for me. Quote2.png
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Alice Tetch was the sister of Jervis Tetch.

She lost her parents at a young age and was taken care of by Jervis. Alice's blood was infectious, enhancing people's true desires if they were to come into contact with it.

Alice was kept in Indian Hill under Arkham Asylum and participated in the breakout organized by Fish Mooney. After that, she got a job bartending until she had to burn the bar down after cutting herself by accident and releasing her blood over the bar. Bounty hunter James Gordon tracked Alice down, revealing that Jervis was looking for her. On the rooftop of Sirens, Alice broke Jervis' mind control over Gordon just before making him jump.[1]

Alice was brought into GCPD custody and interviewed by Gordon, learning of her brother's weird obsession with her. Jervis assaulted the precinct, capturing Alice. Gordon and Harvey Bullock tracked them down, but Alice accidentally fell onto a spike while trying to get away from Jervis, dying.[2]

Alice's blood continued to infect people however, including GCPD Captain Nathaniel Barnes and doctor Mario Calvi.


  • Infection: Alice Tetch's blood was poisonous and infectious, tainting people who come into contact with it with uncontrollable anger, enhanced strength, and enhancement of their deepest desires.

  • Like Fish Mooney she was created specifically for the show.