Alicia Hunt was the mistress of Carl Grissom, the most powerful crimelord in Gotham City.

At the height of Carl's power, Alicia began having an affair with Carl's "number one guy", Jack Napier. A corrupt police lieutenant named Max Eckhardt learned of the affair and used it as leverage to get back at Jack Napier for past differences. Eckhardt informed Carl of what was going on, and Carl seemingly forgave his mistress for her transgressions. This sympathy did not extend to Jack however and Grissom arranged for him to be killed in a police shootout at Axis Chemicals. Jack survived the ambush, but was horribly scarred. Calling himself the Joker, he returned to Grissom's office and shot him dead. When Alicia discovered that Jack was still alive, she fainted onto the floor.

Jack continued to look after Alicia, although he had also set his sights on photographer Vicki Vale. As the Joker, Jack decided to make Alicia his personal art project. He viciously scarred her face, forcing Alicia to wear a plaster mask. The Joker brought Alicia with him when he arranged an impromptu meeting with Vicki Vale at the Flugelheim Museum and she was annoyed that he didn't let her watch the vandalism.

A short time later, Alicia, unable to continue living under such macabre conditions, took her own life by leaping from the roof of Grissom's penthouse. Jack's reaction to her death was, "You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs", indicating that her death was not suicide but a deliberate murder by him. This was further indicated by his smashing of the plaster mask. All of this was said by the Joker himself to Vicki Vale when he visited her unexpectedly in her apartment.

  • Alicia Hunt was portrayed by Jerry Hall. Alicia Hunt is exclusive to the continuity of the Tim Burton-Joel Schumacher Batman movie franchise, and does not have a comic book counterpart.



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