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The Alien Alliance was a coalition of different races that grouped together during Invasion! with the intention of wiping out humanity.


They were led by the super-scientist Dominators, who believed that the unpredictable evolutionary tendencies of Earth's metahumans posed a clear and present danger to the state of the universe.

  • Dominators: The driving force behind the Alliance and the Invasion! of Earth and consequently the de facto leaders of the group.
  • Khunds: A brutish race of humanoid warriors
  • Thanagarians: Hawkman's people, now living under a fascist police state.
  • Gil'Dishpan: An aquatic race of conquerors that live within hovering, armed and armored cybernetic shells.
  • Durlans: A race of shapeshifters from the planet Durla.
  • Daxamites: The seemingly mild-mannered humanoids who acquire Kryptonian-type abilities under a yellow sun, but are vulnerable when exposed to lead.
  • Vegan star system

The Alliance dissolved after their defeat by Earth's heroes.

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