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Akyone was once the leader of Hippolyta's royal guard, her most loyal of warriors.

She conspired with Myrto, Charis and Philomela to kill Diana when she was a baby, calling her "the Dragon" and believing she would rend Themyscira apart.

Kept as a prisoner by Hippolyta and refusing to ask for forgiveness, she was eventually let free when the island was invaded and renewed her hunt, but was defeated by Wonder Woman.

When Achilles was appointed King of Themyscira, she married him for purely political reasons and became Queen. Soon after, she usurped his power, using the precedent that on Themyscira, political authority lay solely with the Queen and there were no provisions for a King's position.

She ordered the arrest of Hippolyta to force Diana's surrender, but when she brought out 'Hippolyta' to be executed it was secretly another Amazon killed in her steed, for her plan was, and always had been, to kill Diana and then return Hippolyta, to whom she still felt loyalty, to the throne once 'the Dragon's' taint was gone, even at the cost of her own life. Empowering herself and the Circle with the spirit of the villain Genocide and called forth the dark heart of Themyscira itself, a malevolent spirit who's clay was used in part to form Diana, she engaged Wonder Woman in combat when Diana and her allies attacked the execution.

Despite her efforts, she was overcome and defeated by the combined efforts of Wonder Woman and Achilles.





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