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All-American Comics began publication in 1939 and was originally published by All-American Publications. Starting with All-American Comics #16 it was published under the DC Comics banner. With National Comics' acquisition of All-American Publications in 1944, All-American Comics would be published by the unified National Comics (later National Periodical Publications, the direct ancestor of modern DC Comics) for the remainder of its run.

All-American Comics was an anthology book, with five or more features per issue. It is most famous for introducing the Golden Age versions of both Green Lantern and the Atom. Other mainstay features included Doctor Mid-Nite, Hop Harrigan, Mutt and Jeff (reprinted from the popular newspaper comic strip), Sargon the Sorcerer, and Scribbly (whose stories also featured the original Red Tornado).

After a span of 102 issues, the title was changed to All-American Western (Volume 1) and the content shifted decisively from superheroes to western tales in 1948. This continued until 1952, when the title (and content) was once again changed, this time to All-American Men of War (Volume 1). The series continued publication under this title until 1966. In May 1999, the title was revived for a one-off issue as part of the JSA Returns fifth-week event.

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  • Scribbly becomes Scribbly and the Red Tornado in #23.
  • Jimmy Stone was replaced by supporting character Phil Hackett, G-Man, in #36-37.