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All-American Comics #102 is an issue of the series All-American Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1948.

Synopsis for Johnny Thunder: "The Bridge of Peril"

Appearing in Johnny Thunder: "The Bridge of Peril"

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Synopsis for Doctor Mid-Nite: "The Saboteurs of Science"

Dr. Bernard Ewhall has invented a chemical treatment to be used on surgical instruments which would allow doctors to perform surgery in the dark. While he's showing off the invention to Charles McNider, Revelk and his gang raid Ewhall's home. McNider uses a blackout bomb to temporarily blind the crooks, switches to Dr. Mid-Nite, and gets Ewhall to safety. However, the crooks knock him out, and leave him in a trap, designed to kill him. Dr. Mid-Nite escapes the trap, follows the crooks, and once again saves Dr. Ewhall. This time the gang is caught. They had wanted Ewhall's invention to use on their burglar tools allowing them to use them in the dark.

Appearing in Doctor Mid-Nite: "The Saboteurs of Science"

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Supporting Characters:


  • Revelk and his gang

Other Characters:

  • Dr. Bernard Ewhall

Synopsis for Black Pirate: "The Man in the Mill"

Appearing in Black Pirate: "The Man in the Mill"

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Supporting Characters:

Synopsis for Green Lantern: "The Convention Crooks"

Alan Scott and Doiby are attending a retailers' convention where the attendees are playing pranks with their novelty items. Suddenly some thieves use magnetized canes to steal the attendees' valuables, prompting Alan to get into costume. The crooks run for it, and get away when an accomplice drops a water balloon full of gas on Green Lantern from a high window. The gang robs several other conventions, and with so many conventions going on even Green Lantern can't possibly predict which ones they'll hit. However, he convinces the mayor to go with the Frolic Fiesta, biggest annual convention the state puts on, with a large parade that includes a giant float of Green Lantern himself. The thieves strike again, trying to rob a bank during the parade, but Green Lantern catches them in the act. They slip away with a smoke bomb, but Green Lantern realizes they're hiding in his giant parade likeness when he sees it has the image of a gun being stuck out of its back pocket. The gangsters were so used to doing that themselves, they added it to the fake giant Green Lantern they made without thinking, not realizing the hero never carries a gun. They try to escape in a plane hidden inside the float but Green Lantern hangs onto the wing and creates a downdraft that pushes them back to the ground where he captures the thieves.

Appearing in Green Lantern: "The Convention Crooks"

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  • Published by National Comics Publications, Inc.
  • This is the final issue of All-American Comics. The numbering, and the Johnny Thunder feature, are carried over into the following month's All-American Western #103.
  • Final Golden Age solo story for Dr. Mid-Nite. He continues to appear in the Justice Society's adventures in All-Star Comics until 1951-March.
  • Final Golden Age appearance of Black Pirate and Justin Valor.

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