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"Green Lantern: "Love at First Blight"": Eogan Cuailgne, aka Owen Cooley, is a leprechaun, and they sleep in tall trees, and one day he gets accidentally snatched from Ireland to the USA, by a low-flying transport plane. He eventually gets himself loose from the plane, and falls into a big city

Quote1.png And now, good people, for the first time on any stage I am introducing a new -- and I hope permanent -- member of my act. Introducing Maximillian O'Leary .... the Sorcerer's Apprentice !!!! Quote2.png
Sargon the Sorcerer

All-American Comics #70 is an issue of the series All-American Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1946.

Synopsis for Green Lantern: "Love at First Blight"

Eogan Cuailgne, aka Owen Cooley, is a leprechaun, and they sleep in tall trees, and one day he gets accidentally snatched from Ireland to the USA, by a low-flying transport plane. He eventually gets himself loose from the plane, and falls into a big city, and there he meets gangster "Super" Slade (the "Super" is short for "Superstitious"), who knows the leprechaun rules, and takes control of Owen Cooley, and introduces him to his henchcrooks. Cooley is being a sentimental drama queen this whole time, bewailing his separation from his dear father Rury, whose framed picture he carries around with him.

But behold, Doiby Dickles, who just happens to be the same size and shape as dear father Rury, in a conversation with Green Lantern about how much repair work needs to be done to Goitrude, his taxi, after their last case. Then they get into the taxi and drive to the auto repair shop, where it just so happens that Slade's gang is doing their first leprechaun-enhanced robbery. There's a fracas, during which Owen notices Doiby's resemblance to his dear father Rury, decides Doiby's his uncle, and makes a great show of leaping to embrace him, landing in a way that knocks Doiby into Lantern and getting them both buried under a pile of tires. So the bad guys get away, with their leprechaun in tow.

The gang next robs a sporting goods store, to get some guns. Owen sneaks off to contact "his uncle" Doiby, to ask him and Green Lantern to help him get free of his bondage. So they catch up to the bad guys at the sporting equipment store, and GL's ring's charge is expired, so there's some brawling. ("Don't be rough, Doiby! Be firm, but not unduly severe!" - Green Lantern.) But Cooley can't help them, and Slade orders him to help the gang beat the good guys, which he does, and they get away. But this time Green Lantern throws a vial of fluorescent dye and tags one of them, so now they're leaving a trail.

Lantern goes home to recharge his ring, directing Doiby to follow the bad guys and do something about that leprechaun. Then still in costume, he sprints to Alan Scott's home and goes inside, where he touches his power ring to the mystic lamp, and recites the Green Lantern Oath. Suddenly there's Owen Cooley there in Scott's home, looking for "his nephew" Doiby; he figures out Alan's secret identity right on the spot. They go to Super Slade's hideout, outside of which they find Doiby, in a fake beard, with a terrible fake German accent, playing a tuba. Owen tells Doiby the deal about Leprechaun servitude, then Doiby gets konked on the head, tied up, and left in a room with a bowling-ball-style bomb, with a sputtering fuse, and unsupervised. Also before leaving, they blab out loud about how their next caper is the Crystal Jewel Store. Green Lantern shows up, frees Doiby, and they fly to the jewelry store. He confides to Dickles that Cooley already knows Scott's real name, and it's apparent that he's all shook up about it.

They arrive; the gang has already robbed the store and fled, but a trail of strewn jewels has been laid out. There's another fistfight, in an alley behind the Last National Bank, and Cooley blurts out about 3/4ths of Green Lantern's real name, which upsets GL a lot, but he gets all the bad guys under control, and when Super Slade orders Cooley to help them escape, Cooley reveals that he's assembled a new pot of gold from the jewelry store loot, which he ceremoniously leaves at Slade's feet, thus buying back his freedom. That trail of diamonds was just a byproduct of this task. But now Owen Cooley is still around, with his forbidden knowledge and his big flapping mouth, so Green Lantern uses his ring to freeze the Leprechaun solid, and then displays him in his trophy room.

Appearing in Green Lantern: "Love at First Blight"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • "Super" Slade
    • and his three gangsters

Other Characters:

  • Rury Cuailgne (Leprechaun's father) (In a photograph only)
  • a Elf
  • a Fairy
  • a Gnome
  • a Troll




Synopsis for The Atom: "The Education of Stacy Hogan"

Appearing in The Atom: "The Education of Stacy Hogan"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for Sargon the Sorcerer: "Maximillian's Magic"

Sargon meets his new manager and comic-relief sidekick, Maximillian O'Leary, a down-on-his luck former stage magician and vaudeville performer's manager. In the process, some pickpockets are defeated and arrested.

Appearing in Sargon the Sorcerer: "Maximillian's Magic"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • two robbers


  • vaudeville theater

Synopsis for Doctor Mid-Nite: "Poor Pablo"

Appearing in Doctor Mid-Nite: "Poor Pablo"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for Hop Harrigan: "The War is Over"

Appearing in Hop Harrigan: "The War is Over"

Featured Characters:


  • Green Lantern:
    • Alan Scott recites the Green Lantern Corps Oath, on Earth-Two, in 1945.
    • Green Lantern has a frozen-solid presumably-dead Leprechaun in his trophy room.
  • Sargon:
    • Despite the above-quoted introduction, this was Sargon's final appearance in All-American Comics. Sargon next appeared in Sensation Comics #62, April 1946.
    • Maximillian O'Leary is drawn in a completely different and much less realistic art style from all other characters in this story.
    • Sargon gets knocked off his feet by a head-konk with a pistol butt.
  • Also appearing in this issue of All-American Comics was:
    • Mutt & Jeff (newspaper strip reprints) by Al Smith

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