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"Mutt & Jeff": (newspaper strip reprints)

All-American Comics #86 is an issue of the series All-American Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1947.

Synopsis for "Mutt & Jeff"

(newspaper strip reprints)

Appearing in "Mutt & Jeff"

Featured Characters:

  • Mutt
  • Jeff

Synopsis for Green Lantern: "Crime of the Month Club"

A man crawls out onto a high window ledge and threatens to jump. Two reporters show up to cover the story, and enter a jewelry store behind the police cordon to set up their typewriters. When Green Lantern intervenes to save the man, he's instantly suspicious, recognizing him as "the Fly", a notorious second-story man. Rightly so, as it turns out this was all engineered so the "reporters" in the jewelry store could steal a giant emerald on display there. GL and Doiby attack, but the hero's bonked unconscious by a wooden crate and left in the vault to suffocate from acidic fumes. Fortunately, Green Lantern's able to improvise a bomb with the jeweler's chemicals to escape before succumbing.

Unfortunately, he and his faithful sidekick are left with no clues as to when this unusual gang will strike again, until they connect a diamond heist on the first of April, and the emerald theft on the first of May. Sure enough, the gang resurfaces next on the first day of June to steal valuable pearl necklaces from an exhibit of ancient Egyptian treasures. This time Green Lantern captures them, tying the crooks up with mummy wrappings, and explaining to Doiby the "Crime of the Month Club" were stealing treasures based on the month's birthstones.

Appearing in Green Lantern: "Crime of the Month Club"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Shrug
  • The Fly
    • Unnamed Gangsters

Other Characters:




Synopsis for Black Pirate: "The Man Who Lied"

Appearing in Black Pirate: "The Man Who Lied"

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for Doctor Mid-Nite: "Cue for Death"

Appearing in Doctor Mid-Nite: "Cue for Death"

Featured Characters:



  • Mid-Nite's Goggles

Synopsis for Hop Harrigan: "Balloonatics"

Appearing in Hop Harrigan: "Balloonatics"

Featured Characters:


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