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"Justice Society of America: "This Is Our Enemy!"": The Flash and Green Lantern pay a visit to their former teammates, the Justice Society of America. They are bewildered by the exuberance that [[

Quote1.png After we explain, you'll be so proud of the Justice Society that you'll drop your honorary memberships and again become actual fighting members. Quote2.png
Wonder Woman

All-Star Comics #24 is an issue of the series All-Star Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1945.

Synopsis for Justice Society of America: "This Is Our Enemy!"

The Flash and Green Lantern pay a visit to their former teammates, the Justice Society of America. They are bewildered by the exuberance that Hawkman and rest of the team exhibit over the news that Sergeant Dick Amber was awarded the congressional medal of honor. Hawkman relates to the two former members the story of their previous case, which started when Carter Hall (Hawkman) met with his neighbor Dick Amber. Dick was recently drafted to fight in World War II but refused to fight because he couldn't see any point for the war. To persuade him to fight, Carter "arranged" for Hawkman to introduce Dick to the JSA. The members were unable to convince Dick of the point to the war. However, their pleas invoked the spirit of conscience, who sent Dick back in time to assume the role of prominent individuals in different eras of German history. In each instance, a member of the Justice Society acted as a passive observer, watching over Dick ready to help in case he found himself in danger.

Hawkman accompanied Dick as he assumed the role of a Teutonic Knight. Dick rescued a Polish girl being attacked, but she scolds him and the knights for being warlike and violent. While Dick initially rejected this idea, he changed his mind when the knights slaughtered poorly armed peasants. Dick defected to the Poles, using his knowledge of war strategy to help lead them to victory at the first battle of Tannenberg - with a little help from Hawkman.

Mr. Terrific went with Dick to another era, where he becomes the cousin of Frederick the Great. Although Dick hated war, he became successful in the army. Eventually, he became disillusioned with the constant conquest and planned to flee the country, but was betrayed by his wife. When the military came to capture him, Mr. Terrific defeated the troops and allowed Dick to escape.

Doctor Mid-Nite accompanied Dick to the Prussian War Academy, where he was trained to be an officer. Dick again questioned the nature of war, as well as the lack of emotion required by the Prussian Code of War. When a fellow student killed himself because of relentless bullying, Dick challenged the officer responsible for the bullying to a duel. Once Dick gained the upper hand in the duel, he was attacked by the officer's friends. Dr. Mid-Nite intervened and fought them off, allowing Dick to make a fool of the former bully.

The Atom left Dick pointing a loaded gun at Otto von Bismarck. Dick railed at von Bismarck after he discovered that all of the military campaigns he was part of were launched on the basis of lies. But because he had seen too much killing, he could not bear to assassinate von Bismarck. Otto called for his guards to dispatch Dick but the Atom stormed in and subdued them. Dick gave von Bismarck a solid uppercut, then fled with the Atom.

Wildcat took Dick to a private chemistry lab, where he was studying to be a German army officer, despite his reservations, due to his father's insistence. Meanwhile, a political prisoner trying to reach the Swiss border collapsed at their house in need of sustenance. Dick's father intended to shoot him immediately, but Dick asked permission to kill the prisoner to prove his loyalty. Taking the prisoner outside, Dick and the prisoner both fled to Switzerland. Wildcat noticed troops closing in on the pair and made short work of them.

Johnny Thunder and Dick arrived in Berlin between the two World Wars. Dick was a veteran of the First World War, disillusioned by the useless slaughter. Dick met up with an old friend, August, who had joined the Nazi party. August told Dick about all the preparations the Nazis were making for war, which disgusted Dick. When August reported back to the party, they instructed him to kill his friend. Johnny stepped in, refusing the Thunderbolt's pleading to call for help, But Johnny knocked out all of the Nazis. He then brought Dick back to the Justice Society.

After Dick returned, his outlook had completely changed, he joined the army and shared his insights with his fellow soldiers. When Hawkman is done relating Dick’s story, the JSA then ponders how to stop all wars of aggression. After some discussion, they draft and sign their "Formula for a Lasting Peace" laying out their plan.

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  • Wildcat and Mr. Terrific have taken the places of the Spectre and Starman sometime before this adventure and the end of the last one. Flash and Green Lantern have apparently not yet rejoined the JSA and are merely paying a visit this issue. However, in the interim between this issue and next, they will have replaced both new members Wildcat and Mr. Terrific. No explanation is given for any of these membership shufflings.
  • This is one of two appearances Wildcat made as a JSA member in the pages of All-Star Comics during the Golden Age. This is Mr. Terrific's only appearance as a JSA member in this run.
  • Despite the fact that the three heroes have appeared jointly on the covers of Comics Cavalcade for several years, this is the first published adventure to feature Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman working together.
  • Wonder Woman Vol 1 231-232 are issues publishd in the late 1970s but feature a story that takes place on Earth-II chronologically before the events of this issue. Several JSA members guest star in that story, including the Atom, Sandman (in his gask mask and trenchcoat costume he'd already abandoned at this point in time), Johnny Thunder, Starman and Mr. Terrific, suggesting that there were several more membership reshufflings in the interim between the previous issue and this one.
  • Wonder Woman appears to have been right, as the Flash and Green Lantern become regular members again from this issue onward.
  • Reprinted in All-Star Comics Archives Vol. 6.
  • The cover has the AA Bullet for All-American Comics, Inc.

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