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"Justice Society of America: "The Mystery of the Forgotten Crime!"": The Justice Society of America finds a car wreck victim in their headquarters. The stranger claims to know that Rob Victor, a man convicted of the murder of millionaire Timothy Kimball

Quote1.png Why should anyone want me out of the way- unless this investigation of ours might turn up something that someone prefers remain hidden even after twenty years? Quote2.png
Green Lantern

All-Star Comics #25 is an issue of the series All-Star Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1945.

Synopsis for Justice Society of America: "The Mystery of the Forgotten Crime!"

The Justice Society of America finds a car wreck victim in their headquarters. The stranger claims to know that Rob Victor, a man convicted of the murder of millionaire Timothy Kimball twenty years ago, is innocent. He claims he's had amnesia for the last twenty years and can't remember who he is or how he knows that Victor is innocent. The only clues he can provide the JSA with are his possessions from twenty years ago. Each member takes one item and sets out to investigate the case, trailed by an unknown masked man.

Hawkman follows the trail of the man's belt buckle to the Kimball house where he is attacked by armed men working for the gangster "Big Hunk". After dispatching them, he talks to the housekeeper who was present the night of the murder. She tells Hawkman that there was a party. Both Tim and Rob were pursuing the same woman, Doris Black. Rob had too much to drink and was arguing with Tim in the library when a shot was heard. Everyone rushed in and saw Rob holding a smoking gun and standing over Tim's body.

Green Lantern follows the trail of the man's wallet to Doris Black. The wallet was a gift from Doris to Tim. On his way, the Lantern is attacked by men for unknown reasons. Doris tells him that after the shooting, Rob loaded Tim's body onto a boat and lit it on fire to escape prosecution. The Lantern then goes to visit the prison warden for more clues and learns that Rob escaped from prison eighteen years ago, but was reported to be dead to cover up the mistake.

The Atom takes the man's scarf and visits the home of Kimball's former butler. He too is unsuccessfully attacked by Big Hunk's men. The butler, in possession of the murder weapon, tells the Atom that the D.A. prosecuting Rob told the Kimball family the murder weapon was owned by Tim's cousin, Hengast Kimball, and that it was only loaded with one bullet. After that conversation, the D.A. was never seen again. Upon snooping in and overhearing the story, the masked man steals the murder weapon. The Atom tries to recover it, but the masked man escapes with the weapon.

Doctor Mid-Nite takes the man's gold watch and visits Hengast Kimball. The masked man is already there and is preparing to shoot Hengast. Dr. Mid-Nite prevents this but canlt prevent the masked man from escaping. Hengast tells Mid-Nite that on the night of the murder, he gave Rob plenty to drink to try cheering him up, because he knew Doris had chosen Tim instead. He also says that Rob knew where to find Hengast's gun.

Johnny Thunder leaves with the man's tie clasp, but doesn't get far before he's attacked, tied up, and left with a time-bomb. The masked man rescues Johnny and tells Johnny that Rob was innocent. The masked man then sets off to kill the Kimballs and Johnny gives chase. The masked man accuses Hengast Kimball of hiring thugs to stop the Justice Society and killing the D.A. Not knowing what to do, Johnny asks the Thunderbolt to bring the other members of the Justice Society to help.

After going through their clues, Hawkman sends Flash to bring Big Hunk in for questioning. Flash deals with Big Hunk's guards and Big Hunk confirms that Hengast Kimball hired him to stop the Justice Society's investigation. When the Justice Society talks through what they know, Hengast attempts to flee, but is subdued by Dr. Mid-Nite. The masked man reveals that he is Rob and says he's not guilty because the car accident victim is Tim Kimball, alive and well! With this revelation, Tim remembers that Hengast shot him and put the gun into Rob's hand, knowing he was too drunk to do anything about iit. Hengast at last confesses to the attempted murder.

Appearing in Justice Society of America: "The Mystery of the Forgotten Crime!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Big Hunk Adams
    • Big Hunk's Gang
  • Hengast Kimball
  • Martini

Other Characters:

  • Doris Black
  • Jabez Smith
  • Rob Victor
  • Tim Kimball





  • The Flash and Green Lantern rejoin the JSA full-time this issue. They are the only two characters to resign from the Society then return to active duty (barring a few brief absences by some members).
  • The Flash and Green Lantern's chapters were originally written for the Spectre and Starman, respectively. The chapters were written before All-American split from D.C. and the characters had to be drawn over.
  • Reprinted in All-Star Comics Archives Vol. 6.
  • The cover has the AA Bullet for All-American Comics, Inc.

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