"Justice Society of America: "The Man Who Knows Too Much"": Johnny Thunder encounters Landor, a man from the year 2446, who has been stranded in the 20th Century by a defective time machine, and buys him a meal. Landor tells Johnny how he left the utopia of the 25th

Quote1 After all, Thunder is a silly boy, stupid and dumb, knock-kneed, thimble-witted, and bird-brained. An addle-pated moron with the mature intelligence of an idiot! Quote2

All-Star Comics #29 is an issue of the series All-Star Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 1946.

Appearing in Justice Society of America: "The Man Who Knows Too Much"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Landor
    • Landor's gang
    • Scarface

Other Characters:



  • Blackout Bomb
  • Green Flame of Life
  • Green Lantern Ring
  • Landor's Devices
    • Disappearing Flame (made from Cigarette Lighter)
    • Disintegration Machine (made from Flashlight)
    • Excavator (made from Vacuum Cleaner)
    • Flame Thrower (made from Pencil)
    • Heavy Ink Gun (made from Fountain Pen)
    • Invisibility Cloak (made from Sand)
    • Molecular Structure Transformer (made from Handgun)
    • Stimulated Animal Intelligence (made from Glutamic Acid)
    • Typewriter Gun (made from a Typewriter)
    • Wall of Force (made from Washing Machine)
  • Nth Metal Belt
  • Nth Metal Wings


Synopsis for Justice Society of America: "The Man Who Knows Too Much"

Johnny Thunder encounters Landor, a man from the year 2446, who has been stranded in the 20th Century by a defective time machine, and buys him a meal. Landor tells Johnny how he left the utopia of the 25th century because he craved adventure. Johnny doesn't believe his story, which angers Landor, who then warns Johnny that he will make the Sapphire State Building disappear. Later, at Justice Society headquarters, Johnny relates the story to the other members. He's interrupted by a radio report that the Sapphire State Building has disappeared. Landor then comes on the radio and challenges the Justice Society to match "wits and fists" at six different locations, where he will use his knowledge of the future to make deadly devices from commonplace objects.

Landor recruits some gangsters to help him rob the U.S. Mint. Hawkman speeds to the Mint, and finds additional guards already posted. While waiting for Landor to show, Hawkman runs into a force-field wall, indicating that Landor is already inside. Flying inside, he faces off with Landor, who is unable to subdue Hawkman with his heavy-ink gun. Landor steals Hawkman's Nth Metal Belt, and uses it to escape with some of his gang, but no loot. Landor and his remaining gang threaten to destroy a city block unless the local bank pays them one million dollars. The Atom, sees Landor begin to destroy the street, but the Atom can't get across the chasm Landor has made. While the bank decides to pay up, Atom takes to the sewers and destroys Landor's invention and captures some of Landor's gang before the ransom arrives. Unarmed, Landor tries to escape. When the Atom catches up to him, he creates a flame-thrower to make an escape. Landor escapes into the desert and creates a "mono-magnet", strong enough to disable electrically driven motors up to one thousand miles away. Before Landor can demonstrate the magnet, the Flash finds him, and breaks the controls off the magnet. Flash throws Landor far away, then completely disassembles the magnet and scatters the pieces all over the desert. While Flash is working, Landor makes himself invisible. The Flash notices Landor's disintegration ray pointed at him, and makes himself invisible by vibrating. Landor decides to retreat with his only four members of his original gang. Landor visits the city zoo where he creates super intelligent elephants and gorillas he can command to wreck the city electric works. Doctor Mid-Nite, is unable to fight the animals, so he uses a blackout bomb to stop their rampage. Dr. Mid-Nite races to the drug store and gets a sedative to knock out the animals. He then turns the electric generators into a lighting machine, which he uses to disable Landor's gang. Landor escapes, but Dr. Mid-Nite captures two of the gang. Landor creates a molecular structure transformer to rob a jewelry store. Green Lantern finds Landor and defeats his two henchmen, then engages Landor's transformer with the Green Lantern Ring. The green flame proves more powerful, but Green Lantern is too tired to purse Landor. Landor's final plan is to gather the Justice Society together so he can disintegrate them. To do this, he plans to get captured by Johnny Thunder. Landor walks right up to Johnny and insults him, then challenges him to a duel of magic tricks, which Johnny accepts. The Thunderbolt shows up and tries to get Johnny to slug Landor, but Johnny doesn't see any problem with Landor. While trying another failed trick, Johnny gets his fingers stuck in a finger trap. The Thunderbolt frees Johnny, but notices that Landor is acting strangely, so he tells Johnny to stall Landor, while he fetches the rest of the Justice Society. Johnny pretends to pass out, and instead of being captured by Johnny, Landor carries Johnny back to Justice Society headquarters.

At headquarters, Landor attempts to disintegrate the entire Justice Society, but the Flash disarms him before he can act, and Green Lantern destroys the disintegration ray. The rest of the members tackle Landor. Landor regrets his decision to take on the Justice Society, and Green Lantern manages to send Landor back to 2446 with his power ring, where Landor has become quite content with the peace and quiet of the future.



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