"Justice Society of America: "Dreams of Madness!"": A disguised Brain Wave deceives the Justice Society of America into thinking they are taking part in an experiment to unlock the potential of Man's unconscious through d

Quote1 Any normal person would be driven crazy by this place- but not Johnny-- it only makes him sane! Quote2
The Thunderbolt

All-Star Comics #30 is an issue of the series All-Star Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 1946.

Appearing in Justice Society of America: "Dreams of Madness!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Brain Wave
    • Boreas
    • Fire People
    • Furnace Tenders
    • Germ People
    • Ice People

Other Characters:

  • Alfred
  • The Already-Equipped
  • Astronomers
  • Gemini
  • Man in the Moon
  • Mordred the Magical Man




Synopsis for Justice Society of America: "Dreams of Madness!"

A disguised Brain Wave deceives the Justice Society of America into thinking they are taking part in an experiment to unlock the potential of Man's unconscious through dreaming, but instead the Brain Wave induces dreams in the Justice Society members which are specifically designed to drive them mad, leaving the Brain Wave free to carry out his crimes.

The Hawkman dreams he is in a land where birds are threatened by the constant warring of the ice and fire people. He tries to fight against both sides, but is battered by the hot, the cold, and the wind until he is driven crazy, finally believing that he is a thermometer. In Doctor Mid-Nite's dream, he enters a land of huge, civilized germs. He immediately helps a man escape study by the germs, then sets out to kill the germ people with medicine. When the medicine fails to work, Dr. Mid-Nite is captured by the germs, but the germs that touch him immediately die. Dr. Mid-Nite is reduced to tears, believing he is no longer human, but merely a living sickness. Green Lantern finds a group of scientists observing stars, which are really just the sparks from a child's sparkler. Gangsters steal the sparkler and Green Lantern struggles to capture them, because his power ring is not working properly. He accidentally turns them into floating balloons and captures them, and the scientists convince him he is a sun, and the balloon gangsters are his planets. Flash's dream finds him in a land of talking animals and human slaves. All of the animals constantly ridicule Flash, but Flash insists that the humans should have rights. To win the rights for the humans, a race is proposed. During the race, strange occurrences keep happening, preventing Flash from running and causing the animals to continue mocking him. After losing the race, the animals label Flash a laughing stock, and he agrees that he is. In the Atom's dream the rain and sun cause him to grow and shrink, preventing him from stopping a bank robbery. When he does return to normal size, he can't throw a punch because he's full of water, and he knows he is no longer a man, but a sponge. Johnny Thunder dreams he is in the land of the "already-equipped", a place where everyone in born with the tools of their profession as part of their bodies, i.e. a painter with brushes for hands and a palette for a face. Instead of finding it strange, Johnny finds it sensible, and wishes real life was the same. Johnny finds that gangsters have been turning people normal with the help of a magician. He goes after the gangsters, but is completely unable to stop them. He calls on his Thunderbolt, who captures the gangsters and seals the magician in a jar. Johnny is celebrated as a hero, and unlike the other members, he is not driven mad by his dream.

All the JSA members wake up crazy, with the exception of Johnny Thunder, who is uncharacteristically normal and focused. Unable to help his friends recover, he calls for his Thunderbolt. Johnny suggests that they hide and figure out what the Brain Wave is up to. After learning of the Brain Wave's plan, Johnny deals with Brain Wave's gang, while the Thunderbolt rouses the rest of the Justice Society. The Atom knocks the Brain Wave unconscious, knocking him into Johnny, who takes a blow to the head that returns him to his usual self.


  • Reprinted in All-Star Comics Archives Vol. 7.
  • This issue was originally slated to be released as All-Star Comics #24. The chapter intended for Starman was redrawn for Green Lantern. A new chapter was written for Flash to replace the Spectre's chapter.


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