"Justice Society of America: "The Workshop of Willie Wonder"": The Duna, a race of beings whose bodies are glowing globes of mental energy, summon the Justice Society of America together and tell them that Zor, a renegade of their race, has taken posses

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The Thunderbolt

All-Star Comics #31 is an issue of the series All-Star Comics (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1946.

Appearing in Justice Society of America: "The Workshop of Willie Wonder"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Zor
    • Achilles (statue)
    • Atlas (statue)
    • Chick
    • Jove (statue)
    • Samson (statue)
    • Shrimp
    • Thor (statue)
    • Water Rat Gang

Other Characters:

  • Abner Oberon
  • Ambrose J. Turk
  • The Duna
  • J. Milligan
  • John Quinn
  • Judson
  • Paul Markheim


  • Earth-Two
    • Atlas Airplane Factory
    • Bare Mountain
    • Eagle Rock
    • Hudson Lake
    • JSA Headquarters
    • Office of Pick and Pack
    • Sedgewick
    • Uniontown
      • Uniontown Mechanics Factory
      • Uniontown Police Laboratory
    • United Chemicals



Synopsis for Justice Society of America: "The Workshop of Willie Wonder"

The Duna, a race of beings whose bodies are glowing globes of mental energy, summon the Justice Society of America together and tell them that Zor, a renegade of their race, has taken possession of an Earthman's mind and is using him to facilitate a series of almost impossible crimes. The heroes agree to stop Zor, who is in the body of an old toymaker named Willie Wonder. To aid the Justice Society, the Duna secretly follow each member.

Hawkman follows up on the "flying robberies", where objects and buildings just fly away. He meets up with the local police, who are currently guarding a shipment of diamonds. Hawkman stops some flying robbers in the act, and notices that they still float when he knocks them out. Suspecting that some device is holding them up, he tracks down the operator of the gadget, who gives up Willie Wonder as the mastermind of the robberies. Doctor Mid-Nite attempts to stop a series of robberies where valuables just disappear. He sees a painting disappear, and launches himself at the spot it vanished, tackling an invisible crook. However, more invisible thugs attack him, knocking him out. When Dr. Mid-Nite wakes up, he finds a scrap of invisible cloth clutched in his hand. Enlisting police help, he tests the cloth, and determines that high frequency radio waves will make it visible. The police have the local radio stations broadcast the correct frequency, then the Doctor finds the crooks, defeats them, and finds out that Willie Wonder created the invisible cloth. Green Lantern learns of a series of robberies that would require superhuman strength, and each of them occurred near statues of a mythological god. Green Lantern and the police stake out a museum that is preparing for a major art purchase. Three thugs drink a strange liquid and are transformed into the statues they were looking at: Thor, Samson, and Achilles. Green Lantern fights them to a stalemate with his power ring. Green Lantern finally defeats them when he targets Thor's hammer, Samson's hair, and Achilles' heel. Using his power ring, he turns them back into humans and makes them reveal that Willie Wonder was the creator of the strange liquid. Atom can't solve a series of robberies in high-rise buildings committed with no evidence of anyone entering or leaving. To try to crack the case, he baits a trap with the help of a millionaire businessman, who agrees to store all of his assets in his own home atop a cliff. While on the stakeout, Atom finds and knocks out two members of the gang on lookout. The other member of the gang gets away by walking straight down a cliff, so Atom leaps on his back and subdues him, forcing him to reveal that he got his trick boots from Willie Wonder. Johnny Thunder in pursuit of the Water-Rat gang, who are behind several acts of piracy, refuses police help, wanting to capture the gang alone. The gang overhears Johnny sending the police away, and tricks him into coming with him. Once they get out to their submarine, they lock Johnny out and submerge, attempting to drown him. Johnny calls for his Thunderbolt, who rescues him. The Thunderbolt then rounds up the gang, and forces them to reveal that Willie Wonder made the submarine. The Thunderbolt turns the gang over to police and delivers the submarine to the navy. The Flash works with police to solve break-ins coming from underground. Working quickly, he examines all the soil samples from the crimes and finds a unique speck of clay, leading him to the gangsters' hideout. The Flash deals with two gangsters, then follows the underground tunnel a robbery in progress, where he captures the crooks and learns Willie Wonder built their tunnel borer.

The Justice Society converges on Willie Wonder's workshop. Inside, the Justice Society deal with Wonder's gang, and the Duna trap Wonder and capture Zor. Willie Wonder recovers and goes back to crafting toys, including Justice Society figurines.



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