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The All-Star Squadron was a superhero team made up of various costumed and superpowered American heroes assembled by the United States Government during World War II. This team included the full rosters of the Justice Society of America, Seven Soldiers of Victory and Freedom Fighters as well as many otherwise unaffiliated heroes.


The Squadron boasted an expansive roster that included Amazing Man, Commander Steel, Firebrand, the Guardian, Johnny Quick, Liberty Belle, Tarantula, and Robotman, along with the Green Lantern, Hawkman, Hourman, the Atom, and Doctor Fate[1]—founding members of the Justice Society of America. Aquaman, who had previously declined JSA membership, joined the All-Star Squadron in 1942,[2] while Plastic Man[3] and the Spider were members of the Squadron in addition to their own team the Freedom Fighters,[4] as was the Shining Knight[1] of the Seven Soldiers of Victory.[5] On at least one occasion, the All-Star Squadron worked with the obscure superhero the Legionnaire.[6]

During the Second World War, Amazing Man, Hourman, Johnny Quick, and Liberty Belle of the All-Star Squadron fought the superhuman Nazis Baron Blitzkrieg, Nebel, Nacht, and Zyklon in Europe, and, in the United States of America, opposed fifth columnists and the costumed robot the Real American of the racist Phantom Empire. At the war's conclusion, the Squadron's members were pushed into retirement by growing distrust for costumed heroes within the United States Government.[1]


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