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"Crisis on Earth Prime, Book Two: The "Mystery Men" of October!": On Earth-Two, in 1947, Per Degaton rules the world, and stages gladiatorial arena death-matches among All-St

Quote1.png But this world -- this ERA -- will PAY for its ill treatment of Per Degaton -- when it WINKS out of existence like a candle that was NEVER LIT! Quote2.png
Per Degaton

All-Star Squadron #14 is an issue of the series All-Star Squadron (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1982. It was published on July 22, 1982.

Synopsis for Crisis on Earth Prime, Book Two: The "Mystery Men" of October!

On Earth-Two, in 1947, Per Degaton rules the world, and stages gladiatorial arena death-matches among All-Stars, for the amusement of his throngs of loyal citizens ... but only in his dreams. He awakens, and his memory has returned. He remembers both of his previous attempts to take over the world by using Professor Zee's time machine, and vows that this time he will get the job done. He goes to Zee's lab and shoots the old man, and this time he checks his pulse to be sure he's dead. He steals the Time Machine, and goes shopping for futuristic weapons in 1982. In the process, accidentally, he is shunted from Earth-Two to Earth-Prime. He explores the New York City of 1982, resolving that this time he will much more carefully observe and research this future era's technology and information systems. In a typically rude and belligerent conversation with a news vendor, Degaton learns that he's been shifted to a world where his greatest enemies, Hawkman, Wonder Woman, Superman, are nothing but comic book characters! This gives him a big and evil idea: he returns to the Time Machine and checks his equipment, confirming his suspicion: He's been pulled into a parallel Earth, and now he knows how to find his way back to it. But the next thing he knows, his Time Machine has been pulled along by a powerful chrono-magnetic attraction, into a time storm, very much like the conditions he'd encountered earlier. This time he and his machine get shifted into Hyperspace, where he quickly finds the Green Lantern power bubble that imprisons the Crime Syndicate. By using his machinery's chrono-vibrations, he penetrates the bubble, and some bargaining takes place, at the end of which, he and the Syndicate travel through time, space, and dimensions to Earth-Prime, October 1962, Castro's Cuba. There, and then, the super-powered criminals steal several dozen Soviet ICBMs, and Degaton time shifts them to Earth-Two, January 1942. Before they even get there, though, the Syndicate decides to turn against Degaton, but this treason had been anticipated, and a pre-set fail-safe device is triggered, hurling all five of them instantly into another time dimension. Specifically, they are shifted to the JLA's Transmatter Cube, whence they emerged into Earth-One, in October 1982, and immediately attacked the Justice League.

On Earth-Two, in January 1942, after returning to New York from San Francisco, the All-Star Squadron has their first encounter with the magnetic villain, Nuclear, the Magnetic Marauder. He was standing on a rooftop, in broad daylight, magnetically attracting construction materials from a nearby building site, to his position on the roof. Johnny Quick zings up there and engages him, causing him to drop his heavy metal loot, which Firebrand melts into slag before they hit the street below. This keeps it from bouncing around and crushing people. Meanwhile Nuclear is defeating Johnny, while Brandy and Belle, now joined by Robotman and Commander Steel, scramble up to the roof to join the fight. Quick, Robot, and Steel team up to use a steel cable, and their own metallic bodies, to ensnare Nuclear, but in the process they topple over the edge of the very tall building. The Marauder's equipment and powers enable him to escape, by crashing through a brick wall, while Robotman and Steel are lucky to catch a stout flagpole with their cable. The five All-Stars decide to hold an informal meeting, and since Hawkman has entrusted Liberty Belle with the key to their meeting rooms, they head for JSA HQ. But inside, they encounter Aquaman, Firestorm, Hawkman, Superman, and Zatanna, most of whom they don't recognize, and two of whom seem to be imposters.

Appearing in Crisis on Earth Prime, Book Two: The "Mystery Men" of October!

Featured Characters:

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Other Characters:

  • John F. Kennedy (From Earth-Prime)
  • Khrushchev (From Earth-Prime)
  • Fidel Castro (From Earth-Prime)
  • Professor Zee (Dies)






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