"Uncle Sam Wants You!": At midnight, masked man known as Midnight was running out from Manhattan Transfer Co., carrying his safety-deposit box. He hid in an ally where he ambushed a Nazi officer and punched him before moving on. As more Nazis spotted Midnight, he ran

All-Star Squadron #31 is an issue of the series All-Star Squadron (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1984.

Synopsis for "Uncle Sam Wants You!"

At midnight, masked man known as Midnight was running out from Manhattan Transfer Co., carrying his safety-deposit box. He hid in an ally where he ambushed a Nazi officer and punched him before moving on. As more Nazis spotted Midnight, he ran away and jumped on top of a train.

Meanwhile, Hawkman and Hawkgirl were flying in the sky when they saw a bright light fly towards them. When it reached them, it was the Ray, who had come with Black Condor. Together the two flew to the Trylon and Perisphere where the All-Star Squadron were having the meeting of their very first "full roster." Hawkman, Hawkgirl, the Ray, and Black Condor walked into the meeting room with Commander Steel and saw the other members inside. Phantom Lady commented that the team could use "a few more females", which Firebrand responding by assuming that she did know Shiera well. Meanwhile, Robin, Speedy, Dyna-Mite, and Sandy, the Golden Boy were arguing over which of them had the best mentor. Robin implied that the Green Arrow was simply just Batman with a bow and arrow. Paul Kirk II, the Manhunter, was conversing with Stripesy, the Star-Spangled Kid, the Crimson Avenger, the Atom, Wildcat, the Vigilante, the Green Arrow, and Batman, when he was approached by Dan Richards, whose nickname was also Manhunter and declared that they would have to fight after the meeting. Hawkman and Hawkgirl flew up and searched for Liberty Belle, the chairwoman, in order to avoid a conversation with the other attendees. Below them were Starman and Phantom Lady. The two flying heroes found Liberty Belle and noticed that she had a new outfit. As people began to take their seats, Johnny Quick swooped down next to Liberty Belle, who walked away from her after he upset her. Liberty Belle announced that President Franklin D. Roosevelt himself had the group formed. Next, Liberty Belle took roll call, then announced that the Shining Knight could not make it to the meeting as he was assigned as a personal bodyguard to Winston Churchill, Aquaman was out of reach, Amazing Man was on leave after helping the team fight Ultra-Humanite, and the Blackhawk Squadron would also be absent. President Roosevelt appeared before the meeting on the newly-invented television and informed them that the All-Star Squadron would stay in America to guard the home front, much to Black Condor's and Ray's disapproval, which started an argument between them and the Flash. Liberty Belle attempted to break up the argument, but the meeting is crashed by Uncle Sam.

Meanwhile, in another part of Queens, Midnight was fighting and attempting to escape the Nazis on top of a train. Suddenly, the train crashed, killing everyone on the train except for Midnight. Uncle Sam revealed that he has come from an Earth in which the Nazis are even closer to victory than on this one, and the heroes whom he recruited to help him fight the enemy there are all dead. As the All-Stars debate whether or not to accompany Sam, the hero known as Midnight bursts in with a metal box, within which is the unmoving form of Doll Man.

Sam tells the assembled heroes about Earth-X and how he recruited some Earth-Two heroes to help out over there.


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All-Star Squadron writer Roy Thomas explains the reasoning behind the tale in the letter column

  • This is the first time that the existence of Earth-Two Aquaman is shown after the Golden Age. Seven years before this issue, in Adventure Comics #462's Justice Society story's introduction, Paul Levitz even states that Aquaman is a character who is exclusive to Earth-One, implying DC had either forgotten about him, retconned the Earth-Two Aquaman out of existence, or retconned his adventures into being adventures of the Earth-One Aquaman.
  • A Post-Crisis version of Uncle Sam's account of the battle between the first team of Freedom Fighters and the Japanese Naval Air Force appears in Secret Origins (Volume 2) #26.
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