After receiving a fatal overdose of solar radiation from Lex Luthor, Superman went about completing several final tasks (including the creation of Earth-Q, the very universe in which the 'real world' exists) before flying into the sun to save it from poisoning by the tyrant star Solaris, repairing it from within. He left behind instructions to combine his genetic code with that of Lois Lane, siring a second Superman who would form the time-spanning Superman Squad that would defend this Earth for all time, led by the original Superman emerged from the sun as a near-divine golden being.


  • This reality is not to be confused with Earth-31, a part of the "52" Multiverse that is analogous to the continuity of the All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder title. All-Star Superman creator Grant Morrison, however, postulated that the two stories could share a degree of continuity: "For me, I guess I do see it all taking place in the same world even though they seem like very different characters. Frank Miller is doing Batman at the beginning of his career and I am doing Superman at the very end of his life, in the years beyond All Star Batman. But it could be the same character as far as I am concerned. That's where they may have ended up."[1]
  • Grant Morrison noted in a Newsarama interview[2] that Superman 2 of this universe was intended as a member of the Supermen of the Multiverse in Final Crisis #7, failing to appear in their group shot due to space constraints; this, as well as the appearance of this universes' Superman in Convergence #0,[3] suggests this universe may have existed in the 52 Multiverse. It was restored to the Multiverse by the events of Convergence.

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  • A team-up between this universes' Superman in his youth and the future Superman of the 853rd Century is mentioned by the latter in an adventure on New Earth, suggesting the Superman Squad may operate in both universes.
  • It is noted that this universes' Justice League has been disbanded, the fate of its members unknown (with the exception of Batman, who is noted as having teamed up with Superman shortly before the latter's 'death').
  • A Time Bubble is seen in this universe, suggesting the presence of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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