"Where Do We Go From Here?": While running for their lives from the remains of Clem Hootkins' gang, Booster Gold and Jonah Hex are forced to pilot their speeding cart toward a cliff while Hex uses a machine gun in the back to ward off

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Jonah Hex

All-Star Western (Volume 3) #21 is an issue of the series All-Star Western (Volume 3) with a cover date of August, 2013. It was published on June 26, 2013.

Appearing in "Where Do We Go From Here?"

Featured Characters:

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  • Mutants
    • King-Boss-Champion Steaktube (Dies)

Other Characters:


Synopsis for "Where Do We Go From Here?"

While running for their lives from the remains of Clem Hootkins' gang, Booster Gold and Jonah Hex are forced to pilot their speeding cart toward a cliff while Hex uses a machine gun in the back to ward off their pursuers, much to Booster's distress. Unfortunately, Booster is not the best horse-driver, and in his confusion, sends the whole cart over the edge. Angrily, Hex launches himself at Booster, blaming him for their impending demise. Strangely, though, they are no longer plummeting toward the ground, but through time and space. Booster realizes this and warns Hex to keep holding onto him. Rather than cling to the agent of his dismay, Hex releases his grip, and curses Booster's name before making impact.

Jonah wakes up at a train station, and is greeted by a number of strangely garbed individuals. After getting his bearings, he realizes with horror that he is no longer where or when he thought he was. Once again, he is in Gotham City, but this is not the Gotham he knew. This is that Gotham's future.

The sound of screams draws Jonah's attention, and he seeks out its source, finding a family under attack by a gang of Mutants. He intervenes, and when the gang turns on him, he unloads his pistol into their heads. Before he can get the rescued family to answer any of his questions, though, he accosted by the Gotham City Police Department. The officers feel threatened by him, and his ignorance regarding the end of racial segregation does not endear him to them. However, he manages to fight them off, only to be attacked again by Batwing. During their fight, Jonah mentions Amadeus Arkham, and Batwing mistakes him for an escaped mental patient, knocking the bounty hunter unconscious.

Jonah wakes in a padded cell, disturbed to discover that he has been labelled a lunatic.

Appearing in "Stormwatch: The Lost City of Gold, Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Stormwatch: The Lost City of Gold, Part 2"

In the city of gold, Dr. Terrence Thirteen is annoyed to have Mircalla Nosferata the Vampire launch herself at him and sink her fangs into his neck. However, the creature recoils in horror, apparently affected by something in his blood. Thirteen is ignorant of this, simply upset that he was attacked at all by what he thinks is merely a deformed woman wearing a pair of fake wings. The vampire has, however, been poisoned, and with her death, her minions begin to explode.

Disgusted, Jenny Freedom and Master Gunfighter fight their way to join Thirteen and Adam One at the top of the pyramid. Thirteen assures them that his blood is not Toxic, though it eventually comes out that he does consume vast quantities of garlic. Despite his devout skepticism, the others are disturbed by just how easily Thirteen is able to turn a blind eye to the supernatural around him.

In the meantime, Adam One is preoccupied with gathering artifacts called the Skulls of Boundless Rule. His team is not eager to help him, given that he tricked them into coming here for this purpose, exposing them to danger all for the sake of acquiring limitless power. In fact, he had planned to sacrifice Dr. Thirteen, because he is, in fact, a virgin. As the cavern comes down around them, the others force Adam out before it collapses, assuring him that it is time for his comeuppance. Despite the positive bonus of having destroyed a city of vampires, the monetary compensation they were all promised has been buried beneath the mountain, and they are not happy about it.

Rather than kill Adam, Jenny has a better plan. They strip him naked and leave him in the desert, taking his horse with them. On their way home, Jenny offers to help Dr. Thirteen with his little virginity problem.


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