"Man Out of Time": Batman has been looking into the story of a man who claims to be the 19th Century bounty hunter Jonah Hex. Though all accounts show Hex to have died more than a hundred years ago, this newcomer has knowledge that no one

Quote1 I think you'll have to face the fact that you are now part of the twenty-first century. Quote2
Jeremiah Arkham

All-Star Western (Volume 3) #23 is an issue of the series All-Star Western (Volume 3) with a cover date of October, 2013. It was published on August 28, 2013.

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Synopsis for "Man Out of Time"

Batman has been looking into the story of a man who claims to be the 19th Century bounty hunter Jonah Hex. Though all accounts show Hex to have died more than a hundred years ago, this newcomer has knowledge that no one else could know: Jonah Hex owned a stake in the Wayne Casino. Now, this man is on the loose, having escaped from Arkham Asylum - and he's kidnapped Dr. Arkham.

Though it took some doing, Arkham now believes Jonah's story, and he struggles to explain why the bounty hunter can't go about shooting people in cold blood in this time period. After getting nowhere, he decides instead to ask Jonah what he intends to do. Jonah responds that he needs to find a way back, if he can. Unfortunately, time travel hasn't been invented yet, and Booster Gold is nowhere to be found. He may not even be in the same time.

With the police searching for Hex, Arkham is under pressure to make sure that he doesn't get caught - though he would like it if Hex would come back to the asylum with him. Jonah drags the doctor to a bar, where they are mocked by some young and homophobic hooligans. The bartender warns them to lay off, but she is too late to stop Jonah from beginning an all-out brawl. After he knocks all of them unconscious, the bartender is impressed, and swigging from his bottle, Jonah remarks that if she takes him to bed, he'll really impress her.

Soon, Jeremiah is stuck waiting in the living room with the bartender's roommate while she and Jonah go at it. The roommate is uncomfortably flirtatious, and as uncomfortable as he is, Arkham sees no issue with telling her exactly the truth about Jonah and their escape from the asylum. The fact that they are fugitives arouses her, and Jeremiah isn't sure how to respond.

In her bedroom, the bartender demands to know whether Jonah really is from the past or if he's just crazy. He admits that while many have called him crazy, he is from the past. Even so, he sees little difference between now and then, besides the noise and the population increase. There are still bad people out there. Given that, regardless of what time he is living in, he will be happy to have a good drink, a good horse, and a willing woman - and the rest of the world be damned. That said, he commands that she will now be on top.

The next morning, the bartender drives Jonah, Jeremiah, and her roommate to a chop-shop so they can get a car that the police won't be tracking. Afterwards, they seek some breakfast, and pass by a march in support of breast cancer awareness. Jonah is confused, and the girl explains what breast cancer is, and admits that her mother died of it. Jonah expresses his condolences, and thinking him sweet for it, the bartender finally introduces herself as Gina, and kisses his cheek. As they head toward the restaurant, Gina remembers that she forgot her cigarettes in the car, and heads back for them, only to nearly get run over by a speeding car that crashes through the march's base camp.

Gina leaps out of the way, but Jonah is so angry to see these innocent people dying that he feels compelled to act. Unfortunately, his guns are missing, so he turns his attention to a nearby gun shop. Arkham warns him, though, that the police will be there soon. Jonah responds that there's no time to wait, and rushes in. The owner is sympathetic, and hands Jonah a rifle. The maniac in the car obviously intends to kill people as revenge for his wife's plan to divorce him. Angrily, Jonah challenges him, and within seconds, the madman has a bullet through his head. In the aftermath, Jonah and his friends do what little they can to save lives and treat the injured, but it is carnage. Before long, though, the police arrive on the scene, and have Jonah surrounded.

Soon, Jonah is under arrest, and Arkham is forced to contend with the police at the hospital, who are loathe to believe his outlandish story of time travel. Regardless, the police intend to charge Hex with murder and possession of an illegal fire-arm, despite the fact that the heavily armed man he shot drove his car into dozens of cancer survivors and their families. Jonah is a hero, as far as Jeremiah is concerned, but the Gotham City Police Department have labelled him as a mass murderer and kidnapper. The questioning detectives, though, are surprised when Bruce Wayne arrives at the hospital, announcing his intent to provide impressive legal representation for Jonah Hex.


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