"The Unforgiving Truth": Not long after arriving in Metropolis, Jonah Hex and Gina Green are faced with Superman, who has heard of Hex's exploits of late. Believing the man's story of time travel, Superman exp

Quote1 The toilets are better. Freeze box's too. But the air tastes and smells foul. Same with the food an' water. Don't seem natural not knowin' where yer food comes from. Quote2
Jonah Hex

All-Star Western (Volume 3) #27 is an issue of the series All-Star Western (Volume 3) with a cover date of March, 2014. It was published on January 29, 2014.

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Synopsis for "The Unforgiving Truth"

Not long after arriving in Metropolis, Jonah Hex and Gina Green are faced with Superman, who has heard of Hex's exploits of late. Believing the man's story of time travel, Superman explains that he is an alien with unusual abilities as a way of demonstrating his faith. Jonah points out that if Superman is a practical god among men, he isn't doing all that he can to help people. After all, there are still wars and killers, just as there were in his time. Superman responds that humanity needs to make its own decisions. Grimly, Jonah reminds that, once upon a time, someone came promising change for humanity that had to come from within. That man was Jesus Christ, and humanity crucified him.

Despite all his power, Superman can't do much to help Jonah get home. Instead, Jonah wonders if Superman can help him find the House of Mystery, which John Constantine had told him was the key to getting back. Superman doesn't know where it is, but he promises to check with some contacts who might.

Upon being returned to Gina, Jonah is visibly shaken by just how different things are today, and wants nothing more than to go home. In the meantime, though, Gina has come up with a diversion at the Metropolis Museum. As it turns out, the museum is holding an exhibition on Jonah Hex himself, and when Gina brings him to the exhibition room, he isn't sure how to react. Moments from his past are glorified, hanging from the walls, and in recreated tableau. Gina has to hold him back from touching some of his old possessions, enshrined there. She is also made uncomfortable when she hears from a tour guide of how little romance there appears to have been in Hex's life - except for Tallulah Black, whos relationship with Hex is only rumoured today.

The most interesting item on display, though, of all the items in the exhibit, is Jonah Hex's corpse, itself, recovered from a collector after it was stolen from Lew Farnham's wild west show. Unable to accept that this corpse could be his, Jonah slams his fist against the Plexiglas, and storms off. Ashamed to have exposed him to that, Gina rushes after him, apologizing. He demands to know why she would bring him to that place, and she can't come up with an explanation, offering only more apology. Angrily, Jonah rides away on their motorcycle, leaving her behind.

Soon, he finds a bar on the side of a desert highway, and drinks until he passes out, requiring the owner to toss him out with the trash in the back. Eventually, Jonah wakes before sunrise, still drunk and emotionally unstable, and resumes his cross-country ride. Thinking only of Tallulah, Jonah fails to steer away from an oncoming truck, and ends up a mangled, bloody mess on the side of the road as the driver desperately calls for 9-1-1.


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  • Most of the images presented in the exhibition hall are covers and panels from Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray's long run with the character.
  • The collector who owned Jonah's corpse is named as "DeZuniga", a reference to Tony DeZuniga, the artist who co-created the character.

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