"Home Again": After she was shot in a skirmish with Apache warriors, Jonah Hex has been forced to bury Gina Green - yet another lady love. Alone again, he rides to the nearest town and buys a room. He spots a man running for his life in th

Quote1.png Hex ain't never once told a tale what took longer than a shot of whiskey. Quote2.png
Tallulah Black

All-Star Western (Volume 3) #30 is an issue of the series All-Star Western (Volume 3) with a cover date of June, 2014. It was published on April 23, 2014.

Appearing in "Home Again"

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  • Romeo
  • Damita
  • Cyclops

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Synopsis for "Home Again"

After she was shot in a skirmish with Apache warriors, Jonah Hex has been forced to bury Gina Green - yet another lady love. Alone again, he rides to the nearest town and buys a room. He spots a man running for his life in the road outside, and watches as he takes a bullet in the back, lighting a cigarette. Soon, the shooter walks into his field of view, and he recognizes her as Tallulah Black. When he announces himself, she demands that he come into the light, and when he finally obliges, she can't believe her eyes. With his characteristic scar gone, she can only assume that he must be Jonah Hex's brother.

Hex insists that he is who he says he is, and promises to tell the story over a whisky - if she's buying. She still won't believe him, though, until he reminds her of how he taught her to shoot in the first place, so she could take revenge on the people who killed her family.

Some time later, Tallulah is skeptical about his tales of travelling in the future, but all the same, Jonah Hex is back - and he hasn't got a pot to piss in. He inquires of her after any bounties he might take up, but she comments that she has something better. She'd plucked a key off the man she killed earlier, and it could make them rich. Unfortunately, upon seeing the key, several other patrons of the bar surround them with guns raised, warning that they must give up the key or die.

Appearing in "Madame .44 in The Other Side, Part One"

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  • Mr. Fenimore


Synopsis for "Madame .44 in The Other Side, Part One"

Jeanne Walker is in some kind of hell, facing down Demons with nothing but her twin pistols. The key to getting out lies with someone called Kerberos - but getting to him has been harder than she expected.

This nightmare had started just one day ago. Her father and his partner's son Henry had been working at an abandoned mine when a cave-iun revealedthe discovery of a quality silver-gold ore. After confirming the find's value, she and her father left Henry to celebrate at the saloon, warning him not to tell anyone of their find. Her father, though, was worried about how they'd protect their claim with only three people, not to mention Henry's condition after his own father's death.

Of course, Henry had a number of proclivities to deal with his bad history, and he indulged them. After getting drunk, he told a barfly about the claim, who laid seeds of doubt in his mind.

When he returned in the morning, he found Jeanne mapping out the C-tunnel of their mine. Another tunnel had been opened when the cave-in occurred, but roof supports were required before they could investigate. Her father, though, had just come back from taking care of a legal matter in town. This raised Henry's suspicions. Sternly, Jeanne warned that he should clear his mind of such thoughts, and entered the cave without him. When she was gone, the woman Henry had met the night before rode up on her horse, claiming that she'd heard their conversation, and further prompting him to try to take the claim for himself. Grimly, Henry asked her to give him the dynamite that he'd use to lock Jeanne and her father inside. In the explosion, the inevitable rock collapse crushed Jeanne's father to death, leaving her alone and trapped.

Outside, Henry realized his mistake, and shot the temptress dead.

Searching for a way out, Jeanne found her way to the mysterious tunnel she'd been too worried to enter, and it was emitting an eerie light. Breaking through the thin wall of stone obstructing her path, she found a brilliant, glowing pool of water. Praying it would be her salvation, she dove in.


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