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"Bad Intentions": Jonah Hex and Tallulah Black have been surrounded in a saloon by mercenaries seeking a key that Tallulah holds to some kind of treasure. With skill and brutality, both bounty hunters kick up their table and defend the

Quote1.png Yer only ever of a mind ta bed me. I got feelins, Jonah. Quote2.png
Tallulah Black

All-Star Western (Volume 3) #31 is an issue of the series All-Star Western (Volume 3) with a cover date of July, 2014. It was published on May 28, 2014.

Synopsis for "Bad Intentions"

Jonah Hex and Tallulah Black have been surrounded in a saloon by mercenaries seeking a key that Tallulah holds to some kind of treasure. With skill and brutality, both bounty hunters kick up their table and defend themselves. Tallulah is especially upset that the interruption has ruined their romantic evening - a prospect that Jonah is happy enough with, given that his interests lie with things besides talking. Getting annoyed with him, Tallulah makes short work of her opponents, and when word of the fight gets to the sheriff, he is disturbed to find Hex and Black having sex on the bar, surrounded by the corpses of the mercenaries.

After encouraging them to rediscover their modesty, the sheriff orders them to leave town. When he hears that the man before him is Jonah Hex, though, he can't help but remark that the bounty hunter is supposed to have a scar on his face. Since he couldn't possibly believe the story of the scar's remove, Jonah can't explain himself, and the sheriff warns him not to impersonate wanted men. The sheriff explains that Hex has been accruing bounties on his head for a year's worth of murders.

When Jonah casts an eye over the wanted poster, he can certainly see a resemblance.

Appearing in "Bad Intentions"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Romeo (Dies)
  • Damita (Dies)

Other Characters:

  • Sheriff


Synopsis for "Madame .44 in The Other Side, Part Two"

After the tunnel in her father's mining claim collapsed behind her, Jeanne Walker dove into a strange pool of water that led to another place entirely - a place with two moons. Within a pile of corpses and bones, she discovered a gun belt and hat, which she donned.

A sudden rumbling drew her attention to a valley over a hill, where she was surprised to see some kind of horned demons chasing down wild-horses. Then she knew she wasn't in Nevada anymore. Spotting one of the men falling from his horse, she determined to rescue him - demon or not - before he could be trampled. She was surprised when he recognized her as someone he had already killed. He begged for mercy, shifting blame to his employer, Kerberos; keeper of the maps. Before dying, the demon explained that Kerberos would be the only one who could help Jeanne get back home - but he would do everything in his power to kill her again.

A nearby horse took a shine to her, and after burying the dead demon, she mounted the horse and rode away - not fast enough to avoid catching the attention of the dead demon's former companions who realize that they have to warn Kerberos of her coming.

Kerberos did not believe that she was alive. However, if it was her, he wanted her taken alive. By the time Jeanne arrived in his town of Haponot, his demons shot her horse dead, knocking her from it. Annoyed, she pulled her guns and called out, warning that she had no quarrel with these gunmen - she only wanted to see Kerberos. Angrily, Kerberos commanded them to ignore his earlier orders and kill her. With previously unknown skill, she killed every one of his men and marched into Kerberos' saloon.

She found, though, that he had run for his life. His women welcomed her arrival, having driven him away, and they offered their help - though they'd never even heard of Earth. They told her that Kerberos had had someone who looked just like her murdered because her family was the original keeper of the maps. Those maps showed the locations of doorways between the worlds. They might also be the key to getting her home.

Appearing in "Madame .44 in The Other Side, Part Two"

Featured Characters:


  • Kerberos

Other Characters:

  • Scalphunter (Mentioned only)



  • The thugs that Jonah and Tallulah kill are the same thugs that they faced before Jonah was thrown through time with Booster Gold.

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