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"The End In Sight": After making the mistake of trying to help a preacher and his wife escape bandits, Jonah Hex and Tallulah Black have found themselves at those same bandits mercy - which is in short supply. The leader of the bandits

Quote1.png Each day my view of stupidity is renewed. Ah mean they should have shot us. Ah woulda shot us. Quote2.png
Tallulah Black

All-Star Western (Volume 3) #33 is an issue of the series All-Star Western (Volume 3) with a cover date of September, 2014. It was published on July 23, 2014.

Synopsis for "The End In Sight"

After making the mistake of trying to help a preacher and his wife escape bandits, Jonah Hex and Tallulah Black have found themselves at those same bandits mercy - which is in short supply. The leader of the bandits, Merle, wonders how they got themselves into this predicament, and Tallulah spits that she and Jonah specialize in predicaments, while their captors must surely specialize in cowardly bushwhacking.

Angrily, Merle orders them dragged out from under their horses so that he can deal with them properly. As she gets up, Tallulah continues hurling insults at Merle, buying time for Jonah to grab the others' pistols unseen, and turn them back on their owners. Within moments, the only ones left alive are he and Tallulah.

Back in the town of Clearwater, a gang of riders raids town, demanding to be given Amos Blackthorne. Having only just stolen Blackthorne from Jonah and Tallulah for themselves, the townspeople are reluctant, but the riders take him by force. Moments later, another rider passes through town, and follows the first gang.

Nearly an hour later, Jonah and Tallulah make their way back to town, and seeing the dead bodies in the street, they realize that things have got worse since they were kicked out of town. The streets are empty, and Tallulah suggests they collect their weapons and solve the mystery of what happened. From down the street, someone calls out that masked gunmen took Amos Blackthorne, killed some townspeople, and rode off. The elderly woman points the bounty hunters in the direction the gunmen went.

Come nightfall, Jonah and Tallulah have found the riders' camp. Jonah suggests they wait til everyone's asleep and liberate Blackthorne, which Tallulah expects is also what the young man hiding several paces in front of them is planning. Sighing, she turns to Jonah and wonders if he ever gets tired of dealing with other people's problems. He responds that he wouldn't know what to do with himself otherwise, though she surely has some ideas. He begs her to save her ideas for later.

Later, as the younger man approaches Blackthorne, he's spotted by one of the gang members, causing a stir. Soon, he is gunned down, and as he lies dying, the man who shot him warns him to say goodbye. Before he can fire off the kill shot, he hears the click of Jonah Hex's revolver cocking next to his head. Before long, he and Tallulah have killed the majority of the gunmen.

Tallulah cradles the dying boy in her arms and he wheezes that he was Clearwater's last hope. Their water supply had been tainted, and the medecine to cure the poisoning was expensive. Blackthorne's bounty was meant to pay for it. The medicine could be found in Palomar, a half day away. He had hoped to save his sick parents, Ted and Lisa Lenko. Jonah orders Tallulah to stay with the dying boy, while he collects the bounty. She knows well enough that he will use the bounty money to save the town, commenting that he's going soft. Jonah simply warns her to stay put and rides off with Blackthorne in tow.

In Palomar, Jonah dumps Amos Blackthorne in the police station, hoping they have enough to pay him the bounty. The sheriff responds that the bank does, revealing his own personal vendetta against Blackthorne, and offering to buy Jonah a drink for his service. Afterwards, Jonah purchases the medicine with the money, and returns to Tallulah.

Upon returning to Clearwater, they find it abandoned by everyone except the old lady who helped them earlier. She explains that even the priest has left. All the dead are buried out behind the church. Stonily, Jonah puts the medicine into her hands and tells her to leave town before looking out back for himself. It seems practically the entire town was killed by the tainted water.

That night, Tallulah suggests that they take a break from killing. Though Jonah senses that she's looking for something more of a commitment than just a break, he admits that he needs a break too, and snatches his bottle back from her.

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