"Final Curtain": One bright morning, Jonah Hex finds Tallulah Black's bedroll empty and follows the trail of clothing down to a pond, where she stands naked on an overlooking cliff and gleefully dives in. When she emerges, she spots hi

Quote1 My name is Jonah Woodson Hex -- and I want you to die. Quote2
Jonah Hex

All-Star Western (Volume 3) #34 is an issue of the series All-Star Western (Volume 3) with a cover date of October, 2014. It was published on August 27, 2014.

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  • The Louisiana Purchase

Synopsis for "Final Curtain"

One bright morning, Jonah Hex finds Tallulah Black's bedroll empty and follows the trail of clothing down to a pond, where she stands naked on an overlooking cliff and gleefully dives in. When she emerges, she spots him swimming up behind her and kisses him.

Afterwards, they have breakfast and Jonah explains his intent to put an end to the man impersonating him once and for all. Tallulah doesn't see much benefit in doing so, given that Jonah no longer looks like himself, since he had his scar removed. Even so, she is eager to see the look on the imposter's face when he sees Jonah.

That evening, the pair ride toward town. En route, they pass by L.B. Farnham, proprietor of a wild west show. He begs their help in fixing his broken carriage, but Jonah refuses. Once in town, they get a hotel room under the assumed name of George Barrow, and Tallulah won't let Jonah get himself a drink until they've broken in the bed.

Later, at the bar, Jonah spots the imposter playing poker at a back-table. The man catches him staring, and dares Jonah to challenge him, but he is interrupted by a man called Michael Wheeler, warning of a group of thugs intending to kill Jonah Hex - the imposter. As the imposter and his posse head outside, Jonah has Tallulah find out what Wheeler knows, and then meet him in the back room.

Tallulah returns, revealing that the imposter and his gang have taken over the Ambassador Hotel across town. Jonah assessed the gunfight earlier, and learned that only the imposter seems to be any good with a gun. Tallulah adds that Wheeler claims to be writing a book about Jonah Hex - though he's been interviewing the wrong man. She turns to Jonah and warns that they have a choice in this. They can allow the imposter to live as Jonah Hex, and disappear together, or they can kill him and live with the consequences of being who they are. Jonah points out that he has seen his future, and he knows that a happy ending won't happen. Tallulah suggests that the future can be changed. Jonah suggests they sleep on it.

That night, while Tallulah sleeps, Jonah sneaks out of bed, puts on his jacket and hat, and stuffs a stick of dynamite into his belt, heading for the Ambassador Hotel. He lights the dynamite with his cigarette, and tosses it at the front step. The explosion alerts the Sheriff, but Tallulah is waiting already to keep him from doing anything. Using the explosion as a distraction, Jonah begins shooting every gang member he sees, sparing only their whores. He corners the imposter, who takes one of the girls as a hostage, prompting Jonah to shoot him in the foot, and throw him from the upper story window. When he rolls onto his back, he looks up to see Jonah standing over him with a knife, as the hotel burns behind him. As Jonah grabs him, the man asks just who he is and what he wants. Getting in close, Jonah states that his name is Jonah Woodson Hex, and he wants him to die. He thrusts the knife into the man's heart, and drops him to the ground.

Tallulah catches up with him and smirks that he is predictable as spring rain. She explains that she only locked the Sheriff and his men in a cell at the jail, to keep a bounty off her head. The pair are interrupted by Michael Wheeler, who explains that Jonah will go down in history as the man who killed Jonah Hex. After a shared glance with Tallulah, Jonah states that his name is George Barrow, and his reasons are his own. Before long, the townspeople are all over the imposter's body, robbing it of valuables and potential collector's items. The corpse itself is a prize, as far as L.B. Farnham is concerned, and he holds Wheeler at gunpoint to ensure that nobody stops him taking it. The miracles of taxidermy will ensure that Jonah Hex lives on in his Wild West Revue.

Afterwards, Tallulah wonders what will be next for Jonah, and he admits to dreams of sailing. Grinning, she suggests that he become a pirate, and he jokes that with her eyepatch, she already is one. After a spell, he offers to take her with him, and she happily accepts. Soon, they will spend their days at sea on a boat called the Louisiana Purchase.


  • The pseudonym George Barrow is the name of the man reputed to have shot and killed Jonah Hex in Pre-Crisis continuity.
  • L. B. Farnham is the man who collected Jonah Hex's corpse for his wild west show. His name is also a reference to P.T. Barnham.
  • Michael Wheeler is traditionally the biographer of Jonah Hex, who was later killed by L.B. Farnham]].


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