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All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder was an ongoing comic book series that launched in July 2005, written by Frank Miller, drawn by Jim Lee, and published by DC Comics. It features stories set in the early stages of the career of Batman, beginning with his recruitment of Dick Grayson as his sidekick Robin. It shares the continuity of Miller's other Batman works.

The first issue of All Star Batman and Robin was the highest-selling comic book of 2005, selling more copies than the first issues of the crossover events of both DC Comics (Infinite Crisis #1) and Marvel Comics (House of M #1).

The series unfortunately ended on a cliffhanger with issue 10.


The first two issues of the series focuses on the murder of Dick Grayson's parents and the immediate aftermath. The story is seen from a variety of points of view, including Dick Grayson, Batman, and reporter Vicki Vale.

It begins when Bruce Wayne and Vicki Vale go on a date to the circus, where one of the acts is "The Flying Graysons", an acrobatic family consisting of twelve year-old Dick Grayson and his parents. When Dick's parents are shot to death by a hit man, he is taken from the scene by several Gotham City policemen who threaten him and try to convince him to cover up the murder. After subduing the gunman, a criminal named "Jocko-boy Vanzetti," Batman tracks down the police, fights them off, and drives off with Dick, while Vicki and Alfred Pennyworth watch. A fleet of police cars and motorcycles chase after the Batmobile with orders to kill Batman. In the Batmobile, Batman shocks Dick out of his traumatized state, refusing to let him grieve, and offers to train Dick to fight crime at Batman's side. Batman tells Dick that the Gotham City police are corrupt, save for one cop. Dick agrees to join Batman in order to learn why his parents died.

The third issue features Black Canary, portrayed as violent and wild, with an as-yet-unknown interest in locating Batman. Superman, appearing as well, becomes enraged after reading the Daily Planet and learning Batman has kidnapped Dick Grayson.

Issue four features Vicki Vale in critical condition at a hospital, very near death. Batman (now sporting beard growth) introduces Dick Grayson to the Batcave. He is unimpressed. Hungry, Dick Grayson asks for something to eat. Batman instructs Dick Grayson to hunt for the vermin that infest the cave in order to survive. Alfred informs Batman that Vicki Vale is dying. Batman knows of a doctor in Paris who may be able to save her. He reveals to Superman, via Alfred, that he knows Clark Kent is Superman, and blackmails him into racing over to Paris to fetch him. Dick Grayson refuses to be reduced to eating rats to survive, and is fed a cheeseburger (with fries) by Alfred. Alfred and Batman get into an argument, in which Batman grabs him by the scruff of his neck. Alfred boldly states to his employer, "Sir, I am your butler. I am your aide. I am your medic. I am not, however, your slave. Unhand me." The issue concludes with Batman doing so, and thinking that "this little brat is going to ruin everything."