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"I Often Wonder What The Vinters Buy": Opening on a battlefield, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman fight a hoard of alien-robot insects but express relief when "the greatest [[Section Eight (Prime Earth)|team of h

Quote1 I gotta put the team back together -- but they're dead! Quote2

All Star Section Eight #1 is an issue of the series All Star Section Eight (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2015. It was published on June 10, 2015.

Synopsis for "I Often Wonder What The Vinters Buy"

Opening on a battlefield, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman fight a hoard of alien-robot insects but express relief when "the greatest team of heroes ever" appear, however, their fight was in vain; all members of Section Eight fell in combat except Sixpack who sacrificed himself to save the world.

Sidney Speck is socializing at a New York art gallery with some young socialites who accidentally mess up and give the former alcoholic, Speck, a whiskey mixer. Immediately Speck loses coherence, hurls abuse, strips and vomits before glassing Karl - one of the socialites who had given Sidney the drink - and awakening, as Sixpack, in Noonan's Bar.

Noonan's is a rowdy bar filled with metahumans and is staffed by a large demon from Hell known as Baytor. Sixpack sits down next to Hacken another usual at Noonan's, though he leaves to attend a self-help class. Sixpack recalls his meaning; to "stop it" - a cognitive echo from the art gallery - and he begins to phone up hopefuls for Section Eight membership.

He soon assembles a team; Powertool, Bueno Excellente, Guts, the Grapplah!, and Dogwelder however he only has six of the necessary eight. Hacken then suggests Baytor as the next hopeful - explaining that he's a demon lord and thus invincible - and the hellspawn dons the moniker "Baytoro", leaving only one absent space.

Much to Sixpack's amazement, parked outside Noonan's is the Batmobile and Batman! Sixpack darts outside to recruit the Batman but finds him utterly unreceptive, instead arguing with a member of the GCPD about a parking ticket for his car.

Frustrated at his ticket Batman storms off to his car, completely oblivious of Sixpack and drives away.

Appearing in "I Often Wonder What The Vinters Buy"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Batman
  • Hacken
  • Flemgem (Dies in flashback)
  • The Defenestrator (Dies in flashback)
  • Jean de Baton (Dies in flashback)
  • Friendly Fire (Dies in flashback)
  • Shakes (Dies in flashback)


Other Characters:





  • In frustration Batman explains that he has "bent over backwards" and adopts the classic pose from Knightfall where his spine is broken. Later he holds Sixpack like Robin after the Death in the Family storyline.

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