Alleatha, or Leah, is a succubus, a female demon who serves to Martyn, the last survivor of the Brotherhood of the Cold Flame.[1]

Martyn saw in Timothy Hunter the possibility of a disciple, so he tasked Leah to make the boy fall in love with her, so he could get close to the magician. Sir Timothy Hunter saw this as a threat to his future and killed Martyn, so Leah was free. She decided to give her box, her house, to Tim, and he choose to free her from any service, so she could take her own decisions for and once be happy.[2]

Some time Later, she meet Tim again, in California. She was following a modeling career. Together confronted Cupid, and travelled to the Mojave Desert, where she took the place of a mermaid protecting the holy grounds for eternity.[3]



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