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Allegra Garcia was a Brazilian criminal, the daughter of the villain Wavelength.

Allegra was raised in the Santa Marta slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by her adopted parents Ramon and Esperanza Garcia. She was born in the Amazon, the daughter of Eduardo Reyes aka Wavelength and inherted his powers to control the electromagnetic spectrum.

Unfortunately, good looks weren't the only thing Allegra inherited from her father, though, as she also developed his same powers of control over the electromagnetic spectrum. Young, reckless and ambitious, raised in misery, Allegra easily saw these abilities as a tool to make easy money: she left Brazil and moved to the United States, settling in Gotham City seeking to join some of the most infamous criminals on the planet. She committed some crimes, mainly thefts and robberies, but as many others before her she was eventually stopped and arrested by the city's vigilantes. Since she was a metahuman, and one with quite some problem with anger management, Gotham's security protocols had one solution to deal with her: she was locked in Arkham Asylum, finally together with the infamous criminals she had been wanting to imitate.

Being in Arkham meant to be seen by a lot of super villains, and the presence of Allegra Garcia was noted by some of her true father's old friends. Wavelength, wanting to finally reunite with his daughter, hired Deathstroke and his Titans to break Allegra out of the Asylum, not that she knew anything of it: all she knew was that the most famous assassin for hire in the world had broken into the Asylum, tailed by Batman, and was clearly targeting her. During the battle between Deathstroke and Batman, Killer Croc, Mad Hatter, Clayface, Victor Zsasz and other inmates exploited the chance to escape and attack the two fighters, unleashing chaos. While the Titans confronted the inmates, Deathstroke finally got rid of Batman and reached Allegra: much to the girl's surprise, he deactivated her power-dampening collar, and informed her that her father had sent him to bring her back to him. After frying Dr. Alyce Sinner's explosive collars with an EMP blast, Allegra accepted to follow the Titans. Once in Brazil, finally seeing her father for the first time, she lashed out: furious at him for abandoning her, she wasn't exactly grateful for the breakout, and she used her powers to focus all the UV rays in the atmosphere on Wavelength, burning him alive. Believing it to be a good calling card, she asked Deathstroke for a place in his team, but he told her to grow up first, and put the power-dampening collar back on her neck, leaving with his team, and abandoning her in the middle of the Amazon, powerless and angrier than before. Allegra, though, was young: she had an entire life to prove herself, to Deathstroke and to all the others who still underestimated her.


  • Electromagnetism: She has the ability to control the electromagnetic spectrum and focus the Sun's ultraviolet rays onto a target, thus heating the target immensely.