A trained, dedicated soldier Allen Adam, physics prodigy at age eight, was working on an experimental rocket and he was accidentally launched into space. As he entered the upper atmosphere, the rocket exploded and Allen was atomized. However, he gained atomic abilities and was able to reform his body when he returned to the ground. Also, his hair would turn white when he transformed. He outfitted a red and yellow costume for himself and he became Captain Atom.

Adventuring Career

In the months that follow, Captain Atom protected America against alien invasions and a variety of supervillains, until he was forced to extend himself to the limit to shut down a nuclear reactor gone wild. He then found that the encounter had left him powerless. He was then captured by the renegade scientist who had tampered with the reactor, and was unmasked on nationwide television.

Adam eventually regained his powers and escaped his captor. However, his radiation levels were becoming more and more unstable, which Adam allowed himself to be coated in an experimental new liquid metal, a formula that was absorbed under his skin and was absolutely radiation-proof. Triggered by a power surge in his body, the metal covering would become visible, revealing Adam's new costume, while containing his excessive radiation.[1]

In his later adventures, Captain Atom often worked with superheroine Nightshade.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Adam and his fellow heroes helped fight the Anti-Monitor and his minions during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.[2] Following the Crisis, Adam helped Superman and Firestorm on a mission before he was erased from existence, replaced by the New Earth version of Captain Atom.[3]




Allen Adam...s 001

The name confusion in two frames.

  • Captain Atom's pre-Crisis origin would be modified and used as the government's "official origin" of the post-Crisis Captain Atom as a cover-up.



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