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Captain Allen Adam is Captain Atom, the Quantum Superman of Earth 4.

Adam obtained his powers when he was present at an experimental uranium engine that was being tested, which it exploded, turning him into a disembodied mind with no sense of time. From his new perspective, he built himself a better body, retaining his quantum senses. However, Adam was afraid of what he has become and uncomfortable with his new abilities. He uses drugs to dampen the effects of his "quantum senses" and prefers to do as he is told by his masters in the military.[1]

During the events of Final Crisis, he was recruited by Monitor Zillo Valla to fight Mandrakk the Dark Monitor; however, he was on board her ship when it was attacked by the destroyer Echo of Midnight, and only his use of the infinite navigation computer was enough to save the rest of the group by crash-landing in Limbo. There he helped fix the ship, but Monitor Zillo Valla arranged for the drugs managing his quantum-sense to wear off, and he united the minds of Superman and Ultraman to fight Mandrakk the Dark Monitor.[2]


  • Enhanced Senses: Due to his quantum-senses, he possesses no natural divisions in his perception of time, perceiving the past and the future as a single entity. He has compared his perception of 3-Dimensional reality to ordinary human's perceptions of 2-dimensional continua, such as comic-book stories.
  • Enhanced Mental Capacity: He possesses amazing mental abilities; on one occasion, he interfaced with a computer built by a Monitor and read 100 yottabytes (one septillion or 1024 bytes) of information in a short time. He also possesses "quantum-sense", making him capable of knowing potentially everything.
  • Quantum Superposition: Allen is able to generate copies of himself via quantum superposition. The size of these clones can be directly controlled by Adam as well.
  • Reality Alteration: Adam is able to perceive and manipulate reality on at least an 8-Dimensional level.
  • Telekinesis: The full scope of Adam's powers are unknown, but he has the ability to change his own size, levitate and telekinetically restructure matter.


  • Aviation: Adam was a trained USAF pilot prior to his transformation.


  • Power Instability: His quantum-senses are overpowering, and he takes an unknown drug in order to suppress them; however, when the drug wears off, his senses reassert themselves.
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder: Adam's new state results in a decreased degree of natural empathy--shortly after his transformation, he found himself unable to feel anything for his pet dog, telekinetically disassembling the animal in the hopes that seeing its component parts would allow him to rediscover the source of his former emotions: it took him several seconds to grasp the severity of his actions and feel remorseful enough to reassemble the dog.



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