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Allison Burns is a detective in the Central City Police Department, the partner of Detective Morrow and a friend of Barry Allen.

When Allison Burns was a child her parents were criminal chemists working for the Falcone Family. Due to the drug lab being unsafe a fire broke out and her parents died. The incident is part of why she became a police officer.[1]

Burns first joined the police in Gotham City. While working for the GCPD she discovered that her partner was working with Two-Face, causing her to turn him in. Burns got a reputation for being a rat in Gotham and so decided to transfer to Central City and work in the CCPD.[2]

When David Singh discovered that blood samples from cases were missing from the CCPD evidence room, Singh told Barry Allen, Kristen Kramer, Detective Morrow and Detective Burns to investigate who it was stealing the evidence.[3] While at a bar with Allen, Kramer and Morrow, Burns told them that she thought the missing evidence would be a "big old mix-up".[4] It was eventually discovered by the Flash that Ramsey Rosso was stealing the evidence to experiment with the properties of blood.

After the death of Turbine, Detective Burns was taking the statements of the Rogues with Detective Morrow to help solve the case.[5] Detective Burns and Morrow was also later seen with the Trickster as he was talking to them about the abuse he suffered from Warden Wolfe at Iron Heights. Burns called for back-up after the drop-off back to Iron Heights went wrong and the Trickster was kidnapped by the Para-Angels.[6]

Burns later went out to a bar to meet Detective Morrow, Kristen Kramer, Barry Allen and Iris West. While Barry Allen was talking to the bartender, Burns interrupted their conversation to ask if Barry knew him, and said that he was cute. After leaving the bar she later investigated a fire in Heat Wave's cell at Iron Heights with Barry Allen. After the Flash saved Detective Burns from an explosion caused by Heat Wave in the Iron Heights infirmary, they found a super-powered Sage Force-infected Heat Wave calling himself a god.[7]

The Flash deduced that he and Detective Burns were lost in Heat Wave's mind, and that they needed to find his lightning rod to escape. After finding Heat Wave's lightning rod, Heat Wave revealed that he needed Detective Burns and the Flash to find his lightning rod as he could not find it on his own.[8] The Flash and Detective Burns eventually escaped from Heat Wave's mind after Heat Wave was reminded that he controls the fire by a vision of Captain Cold.[9]

While the Flash was away from Central City on a force quest,[10] Detective Burns and Commander Cold started dating[11] and fighting crime in his absence, including fighting Razer.[12] While chasing a suspect, the pair of them fell off their motorcycle and down a pit that led into the lair of the Trickster.[13] While in the lair they discovered a giant doll face with a built-in speaker telling them that "with the Flash out of town it has been a non-stop party".[14] Detective Burns was later seen being mind-controlled by the Trickster, telling the Flash that he has to let go of his pain and be happy.[15] Detective Burns and Detective Morrow later interviewed Kristen Kramer about the relationship she had with the Trickster while under his mind-control.[16]

She was later seen talking to Detective Morrow about how they could not win against Captain Cold taking over Central City.[17] She was also seen with Morrow when the pair of them were hiding behind a car during a bank heist by Captain Cold, Golden Glider and Trickster.[18]


  • Despite Detective Burns frequently occurring in The Flash, her first name was not revealed until The Flash #67.
  • Her eyes are sometimes coloured brown and sometimes coloured blue.



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