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Desirée Atkins, born Allison Sanders, is a Meteor freak with pheromone-based mind control. She amassed wealth by inheriting from people she masterminded the murder of.

When Allison Sanders was 15, her hometown of Smallville was hit by a meteor shower. At the time of the meteor shower, Allison was fooling around with her boyfriend. The radiation from the meteors caused her body to mutate and she developed a pheromone-based type of mind control. A few weeks later, Allison used her new ability to make her boyfriend kill her parents. Because of this, Allison inherited everything that had belonged to her parents.[1]

By 1994, Allison was a teacher and married a wealthy shipping executive. She soon used her powers to make one of her students kill her husband. Leaving Allison to once more inherit money, while someone else had to pay for her crimes. Unfortunately for Allison, she heavily invested in dot-coms and lost all the money.[1]

By 2002, Allison had changed her name to Desirée Atkins and planned to marry Lex Luthor. Just like in 1994, she took a job at the local High School, to find a scapecoat for the eventual murder of Lex.[1]

However, the boy she had chosen was Clark Kent, who proved to be immune to her powers. So, she framed him for arson and later took control of Clark's father instead. However, her attempt to murder Lex was foiled by Clark. Desirée attemped to flee, but burned her hand on a door handle (that Clark had heated up with his recently developed heat vision). Afterwards, Desirée was handed over to the police and Lex had their marriage annulled.[1]


  • Pheromone Control: Desirée is able to generate pheromones, which she can transfer to others through a kiss. These pheromones place the victim under her absolute control.[1]



  • Power Limitation: Desirée's power is limited to humans. Kryptonians, like Clark Kent, have proven immune to her powers. She requires physical contact with the victim for her powers to work. The effect wear off over time, but can be renewed by further contact.[1]

  • Desirée Atkins was portrayed by Krista Allen.
  • Desirée's date of birth is February 12, 1974.[1]



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