Quote1.png Come to console the grieving widow, kid? Maybe teach me the error of my ways? Drag me back to the family? "Force" family is right. Who else is with you? Tetrad? Harry? Quote2.png
Allure Botier src

Allure Botier was born as a member of the Force Family whose romantic partners was never approved of by Iris and who left the family in order to make her own choices.

Allure avoided all contact with her family for ten years until her niece D.C. came to visit her after the highly publicized death of her fourth husband Jack Botier. She was initially irritated by D.C.'s visit but warmed up to her and offered her a place to stay upon learning that D.C. had left the family in order to act as a superhero and was currently on her own.


  • Transformation: Allure can change into a multi-armed exoskeleton coated appearance.
    • Adhesion: The spider-like limbs, claws and rearranged feet Allure has in her transformed state allow her to cling to walls.
    • Superhuman Durability: Allure's transformed state is protected by a spiked exoskeleton.
    • Superhuman Strength: Allure's other form has multiple arms which lend her more strength and she made it clear she can kill regular humans by crushing them in this form.




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