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Quote1 She is a parasite. She leeches onto people when they are at their lowest and convinces them that she's the only one who can fix them. Quote2
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Ally Allston was the leader of the Inverse Society, who attempted to fuse her reality with the Inverse world using the Oblivion Stone.


Ally's family has believed for generations that a shadow dimension exists, where everyone had another half. Her father died when she was a child in 1979, apparently as a result of trying to access the shadow dimension. His will left Ally his pendant and gave her total control of all his property if she continued his work, which she happily agreed to despite her uncle's warnings.[1]

At some point Ally developed a way of allowing people to view the shadow dimension by overdosing on drugs, a dangerous process which left people clinically dead for several minutes. In the mid 2010's she wrote a series of self-help books based on her family's philosophy and formed a group called the Inverse Society.

Lucy Lane was one of her most ardent followers and took Ally's drugs in an attempt to see the shadow dimension. Lucy's sister Lois found her and resuscitated her, believing she had attempted suicide. Lois wrote an expose on the Society where she called the group a cult and accused Ally of being a con artist. Ally avoided criminal charges but her reputation was ruined and the Society was forced underground onto Dark Web chatrooms.[2]

The Inverse Society

Lois and her journalism partner Chrissy Beppo learned of a secret meeting the group was holding in New Carthage and infiltrated it. However, this was a trap as Ally had expected them to show up and showed Chrissy footage of Lois admitting she hated Ally and wanted to bring her down.[2]

Chrissy believed Lois was biased and, as Lois had kept information from her before, she met with Ally to try to get the facts for herself. Ally drugged Chrissy and she saw the shadow dimension, which Ally ruled as a feared dictator. Before they could discuss it, Superman and Lois arrived, and told Ally that Dr. Faulkner, one of her followers, was dead and she was in danger. Superman's inverse, known as Bizarro, tried to attack Ally but Superman stopped him.[1]

The Inverse World

Mitchell Anderson, a rogue member of the United States Army, came to her with the duplicate of her pendant from the other world.[3] Ally told him about the inverse world and gave him her drug cocktail, allowing him to see the inverse world and speak to her counterpart.

As they now possessed both pendants; Ally, Anderson and a select few of Ally's followers went to the Shuster mines. Ally left Lucy Lane behind to act as a "failsafe" in case her plan failed. They were able to find the portal Bizarro used to cross over, however, when Ally's followers tried to go through the portal they were painfully disintegrated. Superman arrived to save the few survivors, and Anderson stole Ally's pendant and jumped through the portal. He seemingly passed through unharmed, protected either by the pendants or his X-Kryptonite granted invulnerability.

Ally was taken to the Pentagon and interrogated by Sam Lane, who demanded to know if Lucy had been killed by the portal, but she refused to answer and mocked him for his failures as a husband and father.[4] As Ally had planned, Lucy Lane came out of hiding and approached her family, claiming she had renounced Ally, but in fact she stole Sam's security access card and passed it on to Erin Wu, a soldier and member of the Inverse Society who worked at the Pentagon. Wu released Ally from prison and gave her Bizarro's containment suit. They went to the mines and Ally crossed through the portal to the shadow dimension, protected by the suit. Superman chased her through the portal and they both disappeared for a month.[5]

In the inverse world, Ally met up with her counterpart. They attempted to find Anderson and the pendants but he had disappeared. When Superman crossed over they suspected he may be able to lead them to Anderson and so sent Jon-El, his counterpart's son, to meet him and gain his trust. Jon took Superman to his family home, where, unbeknownst to him, Anderson was indeed hiding out along with Jon's mother, brother and grandfather. When Jon did not report back the Allys went to Bizarro's farm, taking Tal-Rho and Lana-Rho with them. Tal-Rho, Lana and Jon fought Superman and Anderson, and eventually took the pendants. The Allys began to fuse together, and then gave the pendants to Jon-El, telling him to go to the other world, merge with his other self and prepare for their arrival.[6]

Merging the Worlds

Ally Allston Arrowverse Superman & Lois 002

Ally merged with her Bizarro counterpart

Jon-El failed to fuse with his counterpart, and when Lana-Rho crossed over she was repelled by John Henry and Natalie Irons.[7] The "whole" Ally crossed over just as Superman and his world's version of Tal-Rho were attempting to destroy the merged pendants. She took the Oblivion Stone and drained some of Superman and Tal's energy, but John Henry Irons was able to get her to drop the Stone and hold her off long enough for the Kryptonians to destroy it. Ally took the pieces back to the inverse world.

The pendant was now useless but she believed she could still fuse the worlds if she gathered enough energy. She drained the life force from the Inverse World's Tal-Rho to gain greater power,[8] then returned to the positive universe to drain Superman's as well. By merging with her other self she had learned Superman's secret identity and connection to Lois Lane, so she tracked Lois to a lodge where most of the Inverse Society, including Lucy, were staying. She revealed herself to her followers and Lucy was awed to see that Ally had merged. Ally promised she would soon merge too but Sam and Lois told her that Ally was a monster and wanted to make her into one too. However, Lucy still had faith in Ally and wanted to help her. Ally said that Lois would tell them where to find Superman.

Lois and Sam refused to summon Superman but Lucy took Sam's ELT device to call Superman. Sam tried to stop her from activating it and, to Lucy's horror Ally, used her powers to drain Sam's life force and yelled at her to call Superman despite Lucy begging her to let Sam go. Lucy activated the ELT and Superman arrived. He tried to fight Ally but she drained his energy too, seemingly killing him. John Henry Irons tried to stop her but Ally was more powerful than she had been in their previous encounter and simply tossed him aside and left of her own accord, leaving Lucy and the rest of the Society behind.

Ally returned to the inverse world and tasked Lana-Rho with crossing over and killing Superman in case he had survived the energy drain. She went into the space between the worlds and pulled the portals on each side together with her power.[9] John Henry Irons went into the space between worlds to try and stop her, blasting her with a thermonuclear missile, but she absorbed the energy of the explosion and knocked him away with a powerful blast.[10]

Last fight

Ally Allston Arrowverse Superman & Lois 005

Ally merging the worlds

Tal-Rho also attempted to stop her, but she simply began draining his energy too. Jordan Kent attacked her from behind to stop the drain while she was distracted and fled with his uncle. Ally was unharmed and simply resumed the merge. However, John Henry and Natalie Irons managed to stop the merge from inside the space between worlds by detonating an X-Kryptonite bomb between the portals. In a rage, Ally attempted to kill them but was stopped by Superman, who had regained and supercharged his powers by diving into the heart of the sun. The two cosmically powerful beings fought and Ally attempted to drain his energy again. However, the amount of energy she absorbed was so great that the bond between her and her counterpart was destabilised. Superman was able to forcibly split them apart and undo the merge by simply striking the two worlds with an almighty blow.

Now powerless, the two Ally's were arrested and imprisoned in a military black site. Lois came to visit them in prison and asked them if they had ever truly felt complete when they merged. They admitted that they had felt a moment of joy when they first started to fuse together, but then it turned into something darker as they became a Parasite. Lois asked why they had tried to make the entire world like them if the merge had not been what they hoped for, and they told her they didn't want to be the only ones, and couldn't bear to be alone. As Lois left, she told them they would never be alone again.[11]




  • Power Limitation: (Formerly) There was an upper limit to the amount of energy Ally could absorb. When she attempted to drain Superman's powers after he supercharged himself in the heart of the sun, the sheer level of energy destabilised the merge between her and her inverse self, allowing Superman to split them apart.[11]


  • Pendant: (Formerly) Ally's pendant is an old family heirloom and artefact dating back to when her reality split from the shadow dimension. Her counterpart had a matching one which was stolen by Bizarro. The pendants can be used to fuse someone with their shadow self, achieving godlike power.[12] It was stolen by Anderson.[4]
    • Oblivion Stone: (Destroyed) Anderson fused her pendant with its counterpart, creating the Oblivion Stone. The Allys used it to fuse together, then gave it to Jon-El to take back to the main universe and fuse with his counterpart.[6] Jon-El failed and the Stone was confiscated by the military.[7] It was destroyed by Superman and Tal-Rho.[8]



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