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Alonzo Dulak was a native of the planet Euphorix was the royal Minister of Defense.

He is mostly remembered for the design and creation of the immense planetary shield that protected Euphorix from the invading armies of the Citadel. While creating the shield, the goddess X'Hal appeared before him. She had foreseen the pending war with the Citadel and imbued the shield with a portion of her own power.

During the Citadel War, Alonzo Dulak made an agreement with reigning monarch Queen Kalista to take over the monarchy while she went off to serve with the Omega Men. A stipulation of the agreement was that Dulak would immediately surrender the scepter of regency should the war conclude. During Kalista's absence, Alonzo Dulak was chiefly responsible for erecting the planetary shield that protected Euphorix from the forces of the Citadel. When the war ended, Kalista returned to her home world and resumed her role as queen of Euphorix. Dulak wanted to continue to serve as her consort, but Kalista instead chose her husband Primus. Unfortunately for Primus, his obligations as leader of the Omega Men kept him off-world most of the time. Alonzo manipulated Kalista into agreeing to permanently erect the planetary shield and destroying the controls so that it could never be lowered. His primary motivation for doing so was not so much to safeguard his people, but rather, to insure that Primus could never return to Euphorix thus leaving Kalista vulnerable to his own desires -- or so he thought. Primus soon returned and tried to forcibly destroy the shield so that he reunite with his wife. Alonzo lied to Kalista, stating that Primus had gone mad and was trying to destroy Euphorix. Kalista quickly saw through Alonzo's lies and banished him from the royal palace.




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