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Alpha was one of the assassins hired by David Cain to train his daughter, Cassandra Cain.

Years later, Alpha was employed by terrorists to plant a fusion bomb in Gotham City but soon afterward was struck with amnesia; Batgirl then saved Alpha and explained to him that he was a secret agent named Micheal Sommers. The two then search for an arms shipment. Once they find it, Batgirl leaves Micheal alone and he is then jumped by five thugs. He has a flashback to a earlier fight and defeats the thugs single-handedly.

Afterward, Batgirl convinces him to help her find the bomb. Soon after finding the bomb, Alpha's memory returned and he turned on her, explaining that people like him "can't change". This influenced Batgirl to reveal her true identity to prove that people can change. Alpha locked her in the room with the bomb but changed his mind and ended up deactivating it from a distance. Again appearing in Batgirl's life, Alpha was revealed to have joined the new League of Assassins led by Nyssa al Ghul and Lady Shiva. He was recruited by Lady Shiva herself and served in their ranks. His specific function was to help Mad Dog hone his skills. Shiva hoped to forge him into a fighter to rival herself and Cassandra. He had ulterior motives, however; he planned to Kill David Cain's failed creation. In the resulting chaos many League of Assassins members were killed while battling Lazara's reanimated dead. When the League was split in two, half followed Shiva and the other Cassandra. He watched from the shadows, not picking any side but waiting for a time to kill Mad Dog. When his time came, however, Cassandra stopped him and had him guard Tigris, who was one of her followers who was injured fighting Mad Dog. When Cassandra was killed saving them from Mad Dog, he tried to stop Shiva from resurrecting her but Shiva defeated him. He and Tigris disappeared together.


  • Martial Arts: Alpha is a world class martial artist. Also of note is that his skill is notable enough for David Cain and Lady Shiva to recruit him into the League of Assassins. His beauty in combat and how his moves flow is also something noted by Lady Shiva.
  • Weaponry: He was trained conventionally in the use of blades. He can spar with an opponent armed with swords knives or more conventional weapons with ease.
  • Marksmanship: As time went on he was trained in the use of Firearms. He is capable of maintaining a fight with guns in both hands.



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