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Quote1.png But even if you can escape it, for a day... you can't change... what you are. Quote2.png
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Alpha was an associate and friend of David Cain, as well as a member of the League of Assassins. Despite his past and profession, he has developed some desire to change for the better due to encounters with Batgirl.

Alpha was once of several assassins who assisted David Cain in the early training of his daughter Cassandra Cain when she was around 5 years old, something she would not recall for many years.[1]

Michael and Cassandra

During Cassandra's teen years, Alpha was employed by terrorists to plant a fusion bomb in Gotham City and became injured, suffering near-total amnesia as a consequence. Batgirl's associates had been alerted to the plot and Alpha's association with Cain, sending her to apprehend him. She eventually found him disoriented and captured by gang members looking for revenge after he stole the bomb he had requested from them (to avoid paying for it). Unaware that he is Alpha due to having no physical description to work from, Batgirl became convinced from his belongings that he was a secret agent named Michael Sommers. He came to believe this as well and began to behave heroically, although he felt overwhelmed suddenly being thrust into this dangerous life.[2]

Sommers agreed to assist Batgirl with a mission to disrupt an illegal arms shipment and the struggle with the arms dealers unlocked memories of his combat training. After seeing him expertly take down all of his assailants, Batgirl came to the realization that Sommers is Alpha. Instead of apprehending him immediately, she decided to work alongside him in hopes that this kindness would win out. With his assistance, she managed to track down the location of the bomb -- though not without frightening him with the recovery of violent memories of committing murder. Fearful of more, Sommers became hesitant about continuing onward, but decided that saving people was more important than his feelings.

Soon after finding the bomb, Alpha's memory returned in full and he turned on Batgirl. Although he taunted her that the Sommers she befriended no longer existed, he exhibited hesitance in admitting that this was completely true. Batgirl revealed herself as Cassandra Cain -- to show him that if the child he once trained to be a killer weapon could become a hero, then so can he. Apprehensive, he apologized and disabled the bomb remotely in his escape. Believing in his ability to do better, Cassandra claimed to Batman that Alpha was dead, allowing him to go free. He eventually disappeared to spend time on the beach, fulfilling a wish he had recalled to Cassandra during his time as Michael.[2][1]

League of Assassins

Despite some desire to change, Alpha ultimately remained on the assassin's path and joined Nyssa al Ghul's new League of Assassins led by Nyssa al Ghul and Lady Shiva, recruited by the latter.[3] Shiva hoped to forge him into a fighter to rival herself and Cassandra, and had also assigned him to help Mad Dog refine his "inelegant" skills. When Cassandra infiltrated the League's fortress, she was shocked and disappointed to see Alpha among its ranks. He wryly told her that the nature of a killer simply cannot be changed, though she suspected he was there for an ulterior motive.[4][5]

When Cassandra teamed up with Mister Freeze and escaped, in the resulting chaos many League of Assassins members were killed battling Lazara, the revived but manic wife of Freeze. When the League was split in two during the escape, half followed Shiva and the other Cassandra; Alpha watched from the shadows, not picking any side but waiting for a time to kill Mad Dog, his apparent ulterior motive. When his opportunity came, however, Cassandra stopped him and had him guard Tigris, one of her injured new "followers". After Cassandra was fatally injured saving them from Mad Dog, the two came to her side as she began to lose blood. When a saddened Tigris asked why Cassandra would protect her, Alpha states that it was because "everyone's worthy of the chance to change".

Despite his concern for Cassandra, Alpha tried to stop Shiva from resurrecting her with the Lazarus Pit, fearing that she would end up going mad like Lazara. When he was swiftly defeated and Cassandra was taken anyways, he and Tigris presumably escaped and were never heard from again.[6]


  • Martial Arts: Alpha is a world class martial artist. Also of note is that his skill is remarkable enough for David Cain and Lady Shiva to recruit him into the League of Assassins. His beauty in combat and how his moves flow is also something noted by Lady Shiva.
  • Weaponry: He was trained conventionally in the use of blades. He can spar with an opponent armed with swords knives or more conventional weapons with ease.
  • Marksmanship: As time went on, he was trained in the use of firearms. He is capable of maintaining a fight with guns in both hands.

Other Characteristics

  • Amnesia (Formerly): After sustaining an apparent injury, Alpha lost all memory of his life as an assassin. Without recollection of his training, he became vulnerable and disoriented.

  • Although he naturally uses many aliases and disguises, Alpha discloses that "Michael Sommers" is actually his real name.[1]
    • As a result, it is possible that the passport he was found with is legitimate. If so, then Alpha is Canadian.
  • He has no family, and David Cain was his only friend.[1]



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