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Alphonse Luzano was a mad scientist confined in Garrett Federal Penitentiary who tangled with Resurrection Man in the past.

As looking for a way to cure a dying sick child, Supergirl broke Luzano out. After taking him to his secret lab, Supergirl asked if his tektites were able to cure cancer. Luzano told her that reprogramming nanomachines to target metastasized cells was a challenge but he was to willing to undertake it to save a little child.

Luzano shut himself in his lab and proceeded to use his tektites and a blood sample taken from Resurrection Man surreptitiously to modify his body. Emboldened by his new powers, Luzano attacked Supergirl, admitting that he never intended to look for a cure. Incensed, Supergirl -who had dared hope he was a villain because he had never had the chance to do something right- took him down. Before putting him away, Supergirl suggested him that he spent his last free moments to consider what he could have done instead.



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