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Quote1.png Amadeus Arkham did not design this building as a sanctuary. He did not believe in forgiveness. He believed in retribution. Quote2.png
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Alyce Sinner was the accomplice of Jeremiah Arkham when he became the new Black Mask.

Alyce is the daughter of the leaders of the Lux Beata doomsday cult. As a child, she was the only survivor of their mass suicide, allegedly because she poured away her cup of poison. In reality, she and her boyfriend poisoned the entire gang, and made it look like a mass suicide. The relationship did not last long.

She became a protege of Jeremiah Arkham, and went to work for him at Arkham Asylum. She also worked for Black Mask, though she did not at first know they were one and the same. After Black Mask was exposed and committed, Alyce Sinner became director of Arkham, though she is still in league and love with him.

Alyce wears seven red ribbons in her long black hair, each of which has one of the seven deadly sins printed on it; as the events of Arkham Reborn progress, she removes the appropriate ribbon depending on her feeling at the time. The ribbons are shown to be (in order of appearance): ENVY, PRIDE, LUST, GLUTTONY, GREED, DESPAIR and WRATH.



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